Hey Ho High Midsummer

From the summer 2008 issue of The OR KIDS Bulletin. An article concerning Midsummer traditions throughout the Northern lands.

Ostara Tulip Coloring Page

Printable tulip coloring page suitable for all ages with text from The Odinic Rite Book of Blotar Ostara Summer Finding Blot.

Ostara: Dot to Dot

Draw a line from one number to the next in numerical order to reveal the hidden Ostara oriented picture!

Teaching Heritage

Ten easy ways to teach your child about their heritage.

Fostering Odinist Children

In our fast paced world, we tend to neglect the most beautiful expression of our Ancestors: our children. Many families are at a loss on how to involve children in our Ways because many of us were not raised Odinist. In the following, some ideas will be put forth, so Odinist families can begin building the future of our Folk.

Children’s Blot

A blot designed for children which they can conduct themselves.

Folk Building

Folk building is a basic concept that should be a vital concern for all folkish people. The theory of folk building is to create a community within a community. This concept is based on a web structure starting with the individual. Each person that makes up a Folk Community contributes to his or her family.

Winter Nights

This is a celebration steeped in many Germanic, Celtic and Norse Folk traditions. From leaving ‘snacks’ out for the household spirits to lighting bonfires to guide the good spirits of ancestors and heroes to their kin, this is a holiday not to be missed.

The Family Altar

The focal point for the Odinist home is the Family Altar. It provides an order among the chaos of everyday life. The Altar allows the whole family to honor the Gods and Goddesses, house and land wights, and our ancestors. Although very personal…

Yule (French Canada): Playing the Spoons!

French Canadians are well known for their joie de vivre, this includes playing and dancing to fine jigs and reels during the Yuletide season. And what better way to add to the merriment, than to play the traditional French Canadian percussion instrument: the spoons!

Yule (Canada): Sucre à la Crème (Fudge)

Although Yule here is celebrated pretty much as in all other countries belonging to our Northern Indo-European folk organism, the cultural differences between the French and English settlers in the celebration of this great holiday period have continued to this day.