French Canadians are well known for their joie de vivre, this includes playing and dancing to fine jigs and reels during the Yuletide season. And what better way to add to the merriment, than to play the traditional French Canadian percussion instrument: the spoons! Though quickly becoming a lost cultural art, playing the spoons can be mastered easily enough with practice. Even though you might not become a master at it quickly, it is still fun to try!

Here’s how: Get two regular teaspoons or tablespoons, depending on your age and what fits comfortably in your hand. Hold onto the spoons in one hand while placing them back to back (not spooned but the bowl shapes against one another). Set the “instrument” a few inches above your thigh all the while placing your opposite hand over the spoons. Start hitting the spoons against your thigh and open hand. You should start hearing the clickety-clack of the spoon backs hitting one another. Hey! Look at you! You’re playing the spoons!

Here’s a very cool YouTube demo of a person playing the spoons! Have fun!

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