By Eowyn OR (Environmental Concerns Officer)

The lifeblood at the core of Odinism is a deep reverence for the whole of nature and the understanding that all lifeforms are dependant upon one another and connected via an intricate web of relationships known as Wyrd; thus any change- for better or worse- in any one area of the web will automatically reflect in other areas through this connection. This is Natural Law and since Odinism is a natural, holistic religion that regards all of life as sacred, it follows that Natural Law will be its core tenet: therefore, the environment- our holy Mother Jorth- is a sacred place to be honoured and cared for with highest regard. For she is of us and we are of her: thus, we cannot exist in Midgard without her.

Conversely, our folk have experienced millennia of Christian subjugation and indoctrination whose dangerously flawed teachings see our holy Mother Jorth as a place to be exploited for material gain. These teachings place humanity in a separate category from the rest of the natural world, where no understanding of this great web of connections is apparent and hence, a selfish, myopic exploitation of natural resources is made, the consequences of which now threaten to undermine the very survival of all life as we know it. Natural resources are seen as separate, inconsequential ‘things’ to be pillaged and therein lays the fundamental problem with this approach to life: we cannot exist separately from the great web; as with all life, we are an integral aspect of it. This separatist illusion is a manifestation of the Loki consciousness that has infected the folk organism and in consequence, we witness an alarming decline in both levels of health enjoyed by our folk and, as if to mirror that, the erosion and destruction of the environment globally: as above, so below; as within so without. Further, this ‘chill of the spirit’ has muted the expression of the life-force within like a thick veil, making folk indifferent to the state of the environment and blind to the relationship between the environment and their health. Instead, the selfish pursuit of material gratification becomes the prime motivating factor in life; for materialism is the natural mature state of this infection within the folk soul.

And how does this result manifest itself? We have industries that relentlessly spew out toxic chemical by-products into our lands, sea and air, poisoning flora and fauna alike. The Amazon forest- ‘the lungs of the world’- and other similar forests worldwide are being destroyed for monetary gain and along with them, countless species of plants and animals are driven to extinction, many of which we know nothing about. The British Isles, once a country covered by such ancient forests, is rapidly disappearing under swathes of tarmac as evermore roads are built to accommodate the relentless increase in traffic- a consequence of the vicious globalisation agenda and so-called ‘free trade.’ Big business protocol has become profit at any cost and so we see goods, such as vehicles, being purposely- wastefully- manufactured with inbuilt weaknesses so they fail and have to be replaced on a regular basis. Meanwhile, virtually all modern ‘disposable’ products in some way contain petrochemically based plastics, which do not biodegrade properly and so leach their dangerous substances into the ground and eventually into the water tables. Wildlife and folk alike drink and bathe in this water in which some of these chemicals act like potent hormones- known as xenoestrogens- and thus, compromise the health and fertility of all through them. We thus witness rising fertility problems amongst our folk: increasing numbers of women have serious difficulties with their menstrual cycles whilst pregnancy and birth complications seem more prevalent and male sperm counts are rapidly declining. Infants suffer health problems due largely to compromised immune systems from the high levels of toxins that bombard their delicate immune systems before they have had chance to mature. It is not uncommon then for children to grow up struggling with their health: the number of asthmatic children alone has increased dramatically in the last few years, pointing in part to the decline in air quality and percentage of oxygen caused by pollutants and deforestation. The petrochemical industry consistently buys up patents for alternative energy sources and discredits what it can. Up until the latter part of the nineteenth century, ‘ether theory’ was established scientific fact and in the first part of the twentieth century, people like Tesla had shown how this could be used as a source of clean, free, inexhaustible energy arising naturally from the earth’s own electromagnetic field. Instead, the petrochemical conglomerates maintain a monopoly, which ensures such alternatives remain unavailable to the masses; this unbalanced mindset prefers to pollute the air with yet another source of sickness-inducing compounds and dangerous hormone mimics to feed the god of profit. It is no accident that there has been a parallel increase in the incidence of cancer and heart disease alone since the rise in petrochemical use and the ‘plasticization’ of our lives. And our towns and cities are now filthy places where everything is coated with oily grime: even foodstuffs grown on urban allotments by people attempting to live more healthily have themselves become a major health hazard because of the exhaust fumes that drift onto them. Mother Jorth has her reasons for storing petrochemicals in the way she does until she has made them benign to life- in her own time. Man- in his ego-defined illusion of separateness- has amorally flouted this natural intelligence and now all of nature- including himself- suffers the consequences.

The parallel- and interrelated- problem arising from this illusory mindset is the medical system, which serves as another tool for the globalisation agenda. The World Health Organisation’s major source document is nothing but a business plan, which makes no reference to the health and wellbeing of the populace. And yet its members are the very people who advise us on our health- disinformation which merely serves to protect vested interests. Hence, safer ‘alternative’ approaches to healthcare aren’t often apparent to the majority of people- and are often actively discredited in the media. Consequently, people visit the medic- the perceived ‘professional’- who, in the few minutes consultation time made available for individual wellbeing, prescribes a neatly packaged toxic timebomb in pill or vaccine form to fix the ‘malfunctioning part’ or attack the perceived cause- such as ‘the bug.’ When that fails- or produces side-effects- more pills are sought and further problems ensue until such time as the person’s health begins to fail; then they are deemed as needing an operation to dissect the infected part, as though their body was nothing but a valueless pieces of meat. If the person is one of the unlucky 25% who enter hospital, he will subsequently suffer from iatrogenic illness- that is, doctor-induced illness. Assuming he actually survives the operation, iatrogenic illness may be anything from postoperative complications to infection from ‘superbugs’- a consequence of the over-medicalisation of our lives.

Likewise, our food production is monopolised by huge meat and dairy industries and the agrochemical conglomerates. The relentless use of fertilisers, insecticides and herbicides threatens the very balance of nature as every acre of ground is pushed to its maximum level of production with no time allowed for the natural regenerative cycles of nature to replenish the soils’ vitality. So eventually, the exhausted earth becomes a wasteland and can no longer be used because it is stripped of all its nutrients. The natural process of crop rotation, which works with the natural cycles, is completely ignored in favour of monoculture for profit. Farmed animals such as cattle, sheep, pigs and poultry are cruelly penned up in unnatural conditions, stuffed with hormones, vaccines, antibiotics and abhorrent feedstuffs until such time as their tragic fear-based lives are thoughtlessly terminated and their parts are presented as offerings in plastic wrappings on supermarket shelves. This so-called ‘food’ contains the plethora of toxic chemicals that have gone into its production and even without being genetically modified, it has been chemically- and hence nutritionally- altered because of the way in which it has been farmed. Others ‘foods’ have been so heavily processed and denatured that they are merely empty shells of useless calories and worse still, packaged poisons. Thus, malnutrition, life-threatening weight problems and eroded health have become the norm: at least 50 % of the American population is overweight and the trend in the UK is following suit. Again, these are consequences of the dissecting Loki consciousness that infects the folk soul via the poisonous desert creeds. As above, so below; as within, so without.

Often, when people think of ‘religion,’ they do not necessarily perceive that folk could have an interest in health and environmental matters because the orthodox monotheistic belief systems have promoted a separation of religion and the environment so profoundly in people’s psyches, that this assumption is practically endemic. Hence, we see a situation where on the one hand, some people are purporting to be ‘religious’ and ‘spiritual,’ but continue to see the land, animals and environment as commodities to use and abuse as they wish. Then on the other hand, there are those working to protect the environment, but who are doing so in a ‘secular’ way, because they haven’t seen an avenue whereby they can make the link between spirituality and environmental concern. Unfortunately, this can become unsustainable ‘high pressure’ activity because the ‘amount they do’ and their perceived ‘level of success’ in the matter becomes measured against ‘secular’ value systems and thus, of paramount concern. Alternatively, plain rebellion remains the motivating- and often destructive- factor. Both these groups of people unwittingly manifest the outcome of seeing everything as separate- the ‘sacred’ and ‘mundane’ when in fact, the entire spectrum of life is sacred.

One way in which we can begin to understand the profound connections between our conscious perceptions of Midgard and their mirror in the level of health and the state of the environment is to see that everything is energy and creates a resonance. Thus, it becomes obvious that dumping rubbish for example, is a prime example of a very negative energy indeed. Firstly, at the physical level, it is a danger to wildlife and folk in the area: there is the hazard of broken glass and suchlike as well as that arising from the decomposition of the toxic materials dumped e.g. plastics and chemicals leeching from batteries etc. As discussed, these leeching materials enter our water supplies and poison folk through the water they drink; they create hormonal imbalances and immune system deficiencies, which in turn, affect health and fertility in both sexes and ultimately, the health of the future generation. Then at another level, rubbish dumping sets up negative thoughts in folk walking past the area: at the very least, it is an eyesore that truly does not make us feel good about our surroundings and in doing so, the less than positive mood produced will affect our own energies negatively. Thus in turn, these will resonate outwards and negatively affect those we come into contact with because our resonant energy has been polluted at a subtle level. And of course, it will encourage an uncaring approach towards the area: some people may even take the attitude that if one person has dumped rubbish without reproach, then so can they and cycles of negative activity will be set up. This is quite apart from the negative energies and blockages it creates in the area simply by being there. These energies are also bound to affect the wildlife at all levels, since like us, they are sentient creatures. Conversely, a clear area resonates healthful and lifegiving energies to all and at all levels, allowing for the freeflow of the lifeforce manifesting in the area and thus, it is able to constantly regenerate instead of being stifled.

From the point of view of adopting the dissecting and annhilatory medical approach to health instead of more life-enhancing ‘alternative’ approaches that are in closer accord with Natural Law, a similar negative effect upon our energy fields occurs. The toxic energies of these alien chemicals bombard our systems with irritants that our bodily wisdom seeks to reject at all costs in its attempt to maintain homeostasis. Even if the chemical particles have been physically removed from the water, their imprints nevertheless remain recorded in the water unless it has been properly revitalised, and so continue to wreak havoc on our systems. In doing so, our vibratile frequency is weakened, as these heavy energies vampirise the lifeforce and damp its resonating frequency as though a blanket was smothering it; and so the veil between the seen and unseen worlds is thickened, dulling our senses and distorting our very soul-path. We begin to degenerate and decay, becoming nothing but the animated dead, soul-less shadows of our potential being.

Health is about wholeness at all levels- Faith, Folk and Family: defence of one is defence of all. Our state of health and the environment are linked in a process of informational exchange via the Godforces within and without: any blockages in the resonant fields of either will distort the expression of the Godforces within our lives. This relationship is also reciprocal because reality is multiversal: by polluting our health and the environment, we negatively affect the circumstances in the other worlds. In doing so, we dishonour and insult The High Ones- our creators and elder brothers and sisters since the beginning. Thus it follows that the healthier we are and the cleaner our environment is (which ultimately is on the same continuum of energetic resonance), the stronger the level at which they can express themselves in our lives- and Midgard at large- through us: the increased vibratile frequency will throw off the dross as we mediate the natural energies more potently. Hence, our personal and collective folk ‘need’ is to align ourselves more accurately with the will of the Gods and Goddesses through- amongst other things- seeking to understand and redress the sacred connection between our health and the environment: ultimately, we understand these to be one and the same in wholeness. We must teach this sacred knowledge to the younger generation through our example: that every thought, word and deed is an energy which resonates outwards to affect the environment and which we will be affected by sometime in our Wyrd.

By healing the wasteland of our polluted health and environment, we become more powerful examples of our folk, worthy and respectful of our noble ancestry, and more pure conduits of the sacred and holy Godforces. In doing so, we shatter and dissolve the ego-based illusion that enslaves our personal and collective folk soul and hampers the New Awakening and evolution into the forthcoming Golden Age.

Waes Thu Hael!

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