Yule (Switzerland): Toblerone Chocolate Fondue

Of course, one may think of the many things that make Switzerland so very famous: its mountains, the pastures, its cheeses, among many other things. But that which it is very, very famous for is its chocolate! And how best to celebrate Yule than by celebrating with a chocolate fondue!

Yule (Germany): Legend of the Silver Pinecones

There once lived a poor family without enough food to eat or enough wood for their fire. The mother decided to go into the forest to search for pine cones.....

Yule (Germany): Legend of the Bird Nest

According to an old German legend, if you find a bird nest in the tree you harvest for Yule, you will have an entire year of health and happiness.

Yule (Germany): Legend of the Acorn

In Germany, where oak trees are considered sacred, acorns are thought to bring good luck. The German saying “from little acorns, come mighty oaks” shows the protective nature of a mother’s belief that when one provides a nurturing and care, one can anticipate great results.

Yule (France): Twelfth Night Cake

A traditional French Yuletide recipe, Galette des Rois is a cake with a special surprise inside! Whoever finds the surprise in their slice is crowned King or Queen for the day!

Yule (France): Yule Log Cake

A traditional Yule Log Cake, or Buche de Noel, is made with chocolate and nuts. This is a simplified version made with raspberry preserves.

Yule (Scandinavia): How to make a Julbock

The Julbock is a universal Scandinavian symbol of Jul. It is believed that the Julbock is accompanied either by a God, such as Thor or in contemporary times, Santa Claus. A “Tomten”, “Nissen”, or Jul Elves also frequently accompany him.

Yule (Belgium): Speculoos

Speculoos are probably the oldest cookies Belgians have in their repitoire. Speculoos are spice cookies traditionally eaten in Belgium during the Yule season. They are said to go back to pre-Christian time, when they were small animal cakes in the shapes of animals or humans, that were offered to the gods.

Yule (Iceland): The Legend of the Yule Cat

The story goes that the Yule Cat lurks about in the snow peering in the warm Hearths to see if people are being lazy or children are not doing their chores. As a symbol that children were being helpful and doing their work, parents would award them at Yule with new clothes.

Yule: Wrapping paper - The Sparkling Deceiver

The problem we have today is that much of the wrapping paper for sale is made from plastics, foil and waxes – substances that cannot be recycled when they are all mixed together.

Yule: Dough Ornaments

Rune ornaments for your Yule tree or to hang at your blot site.

Yule: The Story of Mistletoe

Inside the greatest stories are a hundred little stories that get forgotten. In the story of the first winter, the death of Baldur the bright, there is a story too of little Mistletoe. At Yuletide now we hang mistletoe, and whenever a boy and girl pass beneath it they must kiss, but so many have forgotten why. The tale of mistletoe is one of love and pride, foolishness and forgiveness.