Odinic Crafting for a Modern World

By Kat AOR So the challenge was to make an item for that year’s OR Great Moot Auction, with the theme of Seasons, using 4 different designs on 4 small canvasses, each canvas picture should contain an Odinic symbol. I decided no limitations were to be put in place so that I had free rein in what products I would use.

A Yule Card by Blakey

Blakey AOR of Frey's Beacon Hearth in the Northwest of England made this Yule card featuring Thor's hammer, Mjolnir and he also wrote the verse inside it. Well done Blakey!

Computer Font Holy Symbols

Shawn E AOR shows how to use our computer keys to make some of our holy symbols! Very cool!

Odinic Word Search

Fabulous word search was created by Aidan of Frey's Beacon Hearth OR


Coloring of the god Heimdall submitted to AH by Mylene.

Apple Tart Recipe to Cook with Your Children

Acorn Hollow is about education in all areas of life. One of the Nine Noble Virtues is Self Reliance and one part of taking care of one's self is knowing how to provide and cook meals. Seb AOR has sent Acorn Hollow a child friendly recipe along with pictures that he has made with his own lovely daughter.

Thor by Daylon D. (AH Texas) Age 12

thor-by-daylon-dillardOriginal artwork of Thor

by Daylon of AH Texas

Ostara, by Odin (age 10, AH London)

OstaraThis is how Odin sees our Goddess Ostara. He says his thoughts are based on the representation of Spring in the Disney animation "The Firebird" from Fantasia.

Homemade Craft Compounds

Easy and cheap to make modelling compounds and glues.

Yule: Dough Ornaments

Rune ornaments for your Yule tree or to hang at your blot site.