Deciphering Codes

There are innumerable ways to create codes. Codes have been used in every conflict our Folk have faced and there were whole military departments that were dedicated to cracking codes.

I Spy

This is a game popularized by the series of books called “I Spy…” But one doesn’t need the books to play this game; parents can choose any set of rules or subjects.

20 Questions

20 Questions is a game made popular from the years of radio entertainment.

Homonym - Synonym - Antonym Game

This is a great game to stretch those language skills. This takes into account the basic skills of opposite, same as, and looks the same but is different.


As with anagrams, cryptograms were started in ancient Greece, but for a much different purpose. In the 5th century BCE, Spartans would carve a cipher on a stick then wrap it. The only way it could be deciphered is with the right diameter of stick.


Although started in Greece as a form of entertainment, anagrams were wildly popular in Medieval Europe.