Ostara: Natural Egg Dyes

There are two methods for producing beautifully colored Ostara eggs at home with natural plant dyes.

Ostara: Flower Wreaths for Ostara

When it comes to making flower wreaths the only real limit is your imagination. They can be big,small, sparse, or bountiful. You can make ones as door or wall decorations, to put around the base of a large candle or bowl, you can even make hair or head wreaths, also called hair garlands.

Ostara: A Child's Invocation

Odin and Ostara, lead me in the ways of the Gods....

Our Holy Symbols

The holy symbols of our faith are numerous. Many people have heard of the runes even if they do not know much about them. But there are many other holy symbols which may be less well known.

In Memory of Lydia Lynch

We have suffered a great loss. One of our darling children has left us to the other side. Her name was Lydia Lynch and she was six years old.