Teaching Heritage

Ten easy ways to teach your child about their heritage.

  • Celebrate all the traditional holidays, explain their meaning and teach by demonstrating the way our people celebrate the festivities.
  • Attend Folk gatherings and cultural events such as Scottish Festivals, Summer Cultural Camps, Heathen celebrations, and Folk Festivals.
  • Study your culture and or religion through children’s books or youth study groups and activity booklets.
  • Take a short trip and talk about your people and all the accomplishments they have made throughout history when visiting local and distant history areas.
  • Visit family and friends and have them retell true or fictional stories regarding our people. Let them learn through their imagination.
  • Put them in traditional dance classes, or sports that are culture orientated such as Highland Dance.
  • Cook traditional foods with your children. Teach them how our ancestors created meals, and how delicious their food really was.
  • Sing traditional songs and verses, change them into finger plays and fun little games.
  • Teach a new language, the younger the child the faster they will learn a new tongue.
  • Act out traditional Norse Sagas, Heathen based stories, or simply parts of our history.
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