Project: Odin

OR Media is preparing to breathe life into a brand new music album with a working title of ‘Project: Odin’. The success of OR Media’s previous albums proved that members and friends of the Odinic Rite have the talent and the determination to create, complete and submit tracks from a variety of musical genres and in keeping with the Odinic pantheon. Project: Odin aims to focus artists’ song creation on a single deity yet retains the capacity to evolve this idea using the immense landscape of our mythology and our own contemporary imagination.

Folk Flame review at Living Traditions magazine

In a world where we are bombarded with consumerism and meaningless entertainment there is a great need for music that resonates with the values of our Ancestors.

Folk Spirit III – Latest

Tracks have now been compiled for our latest music project (working title - Folk Spirit III). More tracks have been promised, and further submissions will go towards a future release. Firstly, for those of you who have contributed in the…

New OR Media Film

A short film will be released by OR Media in the new year. This will be the second film we have produced (the first featured Asbrandir and was filmed at Folk Camp 2010). The new film will be distributed in the usual way via this Forum, the…

The Woodland Chimes

With the first whisper of spring in the air, new life is preparing to burst forth from the previously frosted earth. Odinists are in tune with the natural cycles of Midgard, and springtime is one of the most inspiring of seasons. It is with…

Folk Spirit – From Idea to Reality

What started as an idea, an imaginative spark, has now become reality. The first OR Media music project, indeed the whole concept for OR Media itself, came from the raw beginnings of a simple concept - to promote the Odinic Rite and Odinism through the medium of music, and to form a collection of folk songs which would power a new generation of forward-thinking Odinists.