Trees with sun shining through

Tree Planting - OR Guardians in Action

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By Rory OR Last November I took part in a tree planting organised between my kids school and The Woodland Trust, in our local park. The trees planted were Ash, Rowan, Hawthorn, Hazel, Beech and a single Oak that had been grown from an Acorn…

The Heron

By Hodekin AOR

An iron grey sky drizzled cold grey rain, Whilst in the lake below, With the rain drip dripping from its long yellow beak, A grey Heron stood statue like by the water’s edge.

Temporary Temples

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by Eowyn OR There are times in our lives when wyrd plunges us into some very difficult circumstances. So when synchronicities suggest that you do something, which ostensibly is going to contribute to their deepening, one questions the sanity of the decision! Such has been my situation with practically no income to replenish my dwindling reserves. So when synchronicity tapped me on the shoulder and showed me an opportunity to fulfil an ambition to visit and experience the energies of a couple of crop circles, I had the most seriously sombre conversation with my inner Bag lady! Happily, the loopy lady consented with a toothy grin- and is still smiling manically!

The Elder Tree

The ELDER is a tree whose reputation has been aspersed by Christians, no doubt because of the reverence and affection with which it was regarded in pagan times.

The Stinging Nettle - A paradoxical Green Goddess

It seems they lurk everywhere (if rarely in BC!): by roadsides, railway lines, in ditches, on rubbish tips! For many, they comprise a major division of an army of rebellious weeds that constantly threatens an otherwise perfect garden with imminent siege. And worse still, a brush with the ubiquitous nettle seems as a fiery bite from an evil green dragon!

Trees and Men

by Seb AOR At all times, the peoples of Northern Europe have had a special relationship with trees. We find this relationship in our mythology and in our folklore. But we also find it in the everyday life, a symbiosis between men and trees. Indeed, without trees, there certainly never would have been life on earth. This article aims to put forward this symbiotic relationship between trees and men.

Heimdall, Mother Jorth, and Unlikely Suburban Foods.

By Jim AOR Because edible plants were important to our ancestors, and will again become important to us, I seek to learn about the edible plants of my own Odal lands here in North Carolina. Getting to know particular plants, watching them grow, learning their uses at different times of the year, and allowing Mother Jorth to bear them in Her time while being conscious of that life process, can lead to sensitivity and patience lost for many caught up in the age of convenience and consumerism that surrounds us.

Odinism & The Environment - Plant Life

Penda Wulfr OR One of the most familiar symbols of the natural world is that of a tree. Think of a place outside of our concrete cities and the first image to enter your mind will more than likely be trees. One of the most important and…

Water - Nature's Sensationally Reflective Medium

By Eowyn OR "No problem can be solved from the same consciousness that created it" -ALBERT EINSTEIN As great seafarers, water was a major aspect of our ancestor's lives and, as for us today, an essential element of physical survival. Water…

A Time of Creation

CONTRARY to what one might expect the most creative period of the year is winter rather than spring or summer. Ostara is a period of manifestation, of the coming into form of various things. Winter Finding is the entrance to creativity…

Amber - Gold of Our Folk

Our Northern ancestors were wearing Baltic/ North Sea amber jewellery as long as 10,000 years ago, it is the oldest gemstone to be worn on the body, it was worn by both men and women and it was given to warriors as a good luck charm.  Baltic/North…

The Birch Tree

The BIRCH TREE is a perfect example of a Runic power in dynamic action in the World of Form. The Rune is the sign of Berkano, the Birch Tree Goddess and is the symbol of the divine potency of the Earth as a wishing and caring Mother, the…