Project: Odin – Songs to the Allfather

OR Media is excited to announce the pre-Yule release of our brand new album entitled 'Project: Odin - Songs to the Allfather'. A significant number of Odinist artists have once again contributed to what is potentially OR Media's most groundbreaking music release to date. This album - with tracks inspired by the Allfather - is a culmination of artists' musical interpretation of the esoteric and exoteric meaning of Odin and contains tracks which span a broad spectrum including acoustic, metal, folk, contemporary and meditative.

Folk Spirit to start the day

By Shawn E AOR Being new to the Odinic Rite can be a tricky thing, as there is much to learn and much to unlearn from previous paths traveled. However, I have found something that has helped me in several ways in my daily life. That is daily meditation and use of the Folk Spirit CD.

New Release: Folk Flame – A Third Compilation of Odinist Artists

The OR Media in association with the Odinic Rite are proud to announce the release of our third album, entitled 'Folk Flame'.

Folk Soul – A Second Compilation of Odinist Artists

We are very pleased to announce the release of "Folk Soul - A Second Compilation of Odinist Artists". Folk Soul is the second release on the Odinic Rite Media label and is the sequel to "Folk Spirit - A Compilation of Odinist Artists" The album features 15 unique track by 14 different artists and will appeal to a wide variety of musical tastes with various genres represented.

Folk Spirit II – ‘Folk Soul’

Thanks for your huge efforts - we're nearly there; one last push and another excellent OR Media production will be fully up and running. How many other organisations could do this? Your hard work makes all this possible.

Folk Spirit II – Contributions Sought

Plans are underway to release a long awaited sequel to the first OR Media album 'Folk Spirit', but OR Media urgently needs contributions from new and existing Odinist artists. Within a week after a bulletin was put out via the OR Forum and…

Folk Spirit – A Compilation of Odinist Artists

Folk Spirit Cover Front

We are very proud to announce the release of our first CD, a compilation of music by members and friends of the Odinic Rite.

The compilation is a showcase containing a variety of genres from Odinist around the world.

The Inspirational Seasons

The song, 'The Wheel' includes a verse for each season, and with the leaves turning a beautiful yet sad golden hue in merry England, perhaps thoughts of countryside walks, the crackle of leaves underfoot, pub fires and the stealthy approach of Jack Frost might just inspire a few of our own musicians to pick up their instrument of choice and pen a folk song relating to their naturalistic feelings.