This is said right in the beginning just to give everyone a heads up on what is going on!

The purpose of the Blot is to focus all our energies on our friends in the circle. In ancient Iceland, whole families attended Blots. The Gothi or Gythia would watch over and perform the Blot. A Gothi and Gythia are the Man and Woman who were very special people to their tribe. They were leaders of our people and cared deeply for them. Children were allowed to be a part and were asked many times to be a part of the Blots. Children’s energy is something very important to the Blot circle. Through out this Blot think back to when your ancient ancestors were standing in a stone circle listening to the Gothi chanting the runes and calling on the Gods and Goddesses to be with them in the circle. Think of your friends in the circle and how glad you are to be there with them. Think of your family and how important they are to you! Most importantly have fun; this is time of joy, a time to reflect on you and from whence you came.

Circle Cleansing

A circle is formed by the celebrants around a bonfire or green candle. All present should stand for two minutes in silent mediation, to still the mind, focusing energy on the circle of friends, and prepare for the Blot.

All present should stand for two minutes in silent meditation, to still the mind and prepare for the Blot. During this time you can do one of two things: 1. Go to the 4 corners, hold up a Thor’s hammer and say…Mjollnir in the North, protect and hallow this sacred Circle…go to the East and say…Mjollnir in the East, protect and hallow this sacred circle…and so on OR you could do a Ve call…You and two other people (making 3) stand in a different positions in the circle and in order clockwise say ODIN…next person says Villi…next person says Ve…and do that until each person has said their piece 3 times making it 9 times total. Then go right into the Blot….

Galdoring the Runes:

Call and repeat:

Fehu Uruz Thurisaz Ansuz Raido Kenaz Gebo Wunjo
Hagalaz Nauthiz Isa Jera Eihwaz Pertho Agliz Sowulo
Tiwaz Berkana Ehwaz Mannaz Laguz Ingvaz Dagaz Othala



In the names of Odin, Balder, Frey and Thor: We hallow this place to the worship of the Aesir and Vanir, that we may truly understand, fully assimilate and properly use the Divine Powers that are within us. Frigga, Nanna, Freya and Sif: Be our guides and our comfort.


(this could be with candles)
The Gothi (or an assistant) shall light the Sacred Fire (which may be represented by candles) saying:

In the names of the High Gods, we kindle the fire of cleansing and creation, the first mystery and the final mercy. Let flame be quickened by flame, that through the darkness we may come to the light. And may the holy flame of our Faith and Folk which ever burns, grow again to bathe Midgarth in its sacred radiance.
All: Hail our Gods! Hail our Folk! Odin Hail!


Odin and Ostara (Freya or Frigga), lead me in the ways of the Gods.
May I be honest and true to my family and friends.
Teach me to care for the animals, trees, flowers, and birds.
Guard me and my family and may we always have your blessings

First Reading

(For this reading if you have enough children, have them each take a line? It is up to you!)

Fehu is Cattle, which once measured our wealth.
Uruz is Aurochs, and can foster good health.
Thurisaz is Strength, used by thurses or Thor.
Ansuz is a God, who breathes fury and lore.
Raidho is Riding, that the right road be found.
Kenaz is Torch, for the Smith or gravemound.
Gebo is a gift; let the giving begin!
Wunjo is Joy, which binds kith and kin.
Hagalaz is hail, a seed-pattern begun.
Nauðiz is the Need, by which deeds must be done.
Isa is the Ice, bringing stillness and rest.
Jera is a year, by a good harvest bless’d.
Eihwaz is the Yew, from which Tree Oðinn fell.
Perthro is Lot-Box; Wyrd written in the Well.
Elhaz is an Elk, used to bless and to ward,
Sowilo is Sun, both a shield and a sword.
Tiwaz is a God, the Wolf bit off his hand.
Berkano is Birch, who brings life to the land.
Ehwo, Two-Horses, to a friend or fetch binds.
Mannaz is a Man; may we all use our minds!
Laguz is Water, which lets life and luck flow.
Ingwaz is a God, whose sown seed waits to grow.
Ðagaz is the Day, when the new dawn awoke.
Othala is Land, which belongs to our Folk.

(Rune-Rhyme Written by Skarpheðinsson, Goði Great Bear Kindred 26 NOV 00.)



Like the Winter Sky, in azure garbed and golden crowned, the Gods of Valhalla sit enthroned. Within the doorway stands each noble Norn, together bearing date’s rune-written shield. They made laws, and chose life for the Children of Ages and Wyrd for Men.


In the name of the High Gods. Urd, Norn of the past, we offer thanks for the blood ties of our House and Family. Verdandi, Norn of the present, and Skuld, Norn of the future, may we not be a failing people and a Springless Autumn. Grant that we hold by the ways of our forebears and to their memory, with every atom of our blood, and may we speak our own North tongue until the end of days. Now, to our Children’s children and their children, we send our words as messengers, the way we shall not pass along: Kinsfolk! unseen, unborn, unknown! Since we cannot see your face or clasp your hand, we send our Spirits through time and space in Odin’s name to greet you!


The suggested Gealdor is:
B Berkana

Berkana is the rune for mothers and children. Berkana means birch. It is the rune of birth, mothers and children. It has the qualities of secretiveness, and protection, as does the tree.


Berkana is leafy of bough, is a little tree, has a youthful wood.


Hail to our Odal Lands, Hail to our Folk soul. Hail bright berkana, heal our land and folk-renew us so we may see you dance upon our lands.




In the name of the High Gods!


Balder, inspire us with truth and the love of mercy and justice, and grant us strength to bear the decrees of the Norns, for into close hearts they see. Thor, endow us with courage and aid us in the fight against the enemies of our Faith, Folk, and Family. Odin, give us wisdom and words, and while we live, give us healer’s hands. Freya, assure our posterity, that the corn be all one sheaf, and the grapes be all one vine. And Frey, grant our desire for the goodwill of our fellow-men, and especially to surround ourselves with a steadfast circle of devoted kinsmen and faithful friends and comrades.



May those who lead be true, may those who follow be loyal, so that we may be bound in a circle of unity and honour


The Gothi shall hallow the meadfilled horn by saying:

Light down from high Asgarth descends, ether pure in flowing bowls. Light up to Asgarth ascends, a mediator for our souls. Sign we now the bright mead…

(with the Meadhorn, or with hand, or a hallowed item, the Gothi shall make the Hammer sign over the mouth of the Horn, thus “signing” the contents)

…in the names of Odin, Balder, Frey and Thor and all our Holy Gods. From Heidrun’s breast and Lerath’s bough, may we obtain the food of Odin, which is wisdom; of Fiolnir, which is being, and the blood of Kvasir, which is knowledge. May we have the power of luck and the honour of fellowship, and may we be blessed with fine harvests and all wellbeing in Midgarth. The Gothi raises the Meadhorn saying: Receive now this, the Holy Cup of the Raven God, and drink in happy hour. Health and peace be with you at your going and your coming. Be whole!

The Gothi drinks and passes the Horn sunwise. Special toasts, vows etc. may be made before drinking. Before replacing the Horn on the Altar, the Gothi pours any remaining Mead on the ground, or into the Trygill containing soil of the Mother Land, saying:

We praise our Holy Mother Jorth!

Then the Gothi shall say:

All praise to the High Gods. We have become one with them and we have shared their glory



Once more we have met at the heildom as friends and kin in the fellowship of Odin. May we be guarded and guided by the Gods and have their blessings so that we meet again soon in a circle of Kinship. Let us now speak the words, that year by year, our Sons and our Daughters must hear.


We shall not fail to defend Family and Folk and our faith from the force of spears and the powers of fate. In the name of Thor we shall have strength! In Freya’s name we shall hold our faith! In the name of Tyr we shall have justice! We shall rise again! These things we swear in Odin’s name. Hail Aesir and Vanir! Hail their folk!


The Blot is ended.


In the names of Odin, Balder, Frey and Thor.

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