Our ancestors lived in small, self-contained, self-sufficient communities built of a few closely tied families. These small communities had most of the necessities of life as each person played a role within the community. There were women who wove fabric and spun wool, others who canned and preserved food, and some who tended gardens. There were men who farmed, raised cattle and other livestock, as well as men who were blacksmiths, carpenters and builders. Each of these people was an essential element within the community helping the community to function effectively.

Folk building is a basic concept that should be a vital concern for all folkish people. The theory of folk building is to create a community within a community. This concept is based on a web structure starting with the individual. Each person that makes up a Folk Community contributes to his or her family. Families then network together, forming the Folk Community (FC). By surrounding yourself by other individuals and families, who also believe in our people being self-sufficient, and self-contained, you begin to create the Folk Community. Each individual in the FC participates in community, whether they can help educate the children, raise animals and grow crops, or fix and build necessary structures. Regardless of age, social status, or intelligence level, everyone contributes some how.

The smallest unit of the Folk Community is the individual person. You strive to be the best representative of our Folk that you can, to our children, other Odinists, their children, and also the “outer” community. We must practice what we preach; we must be men and women of our Deeds. Also, we must have total dedication to our Folk. A Folk Community is only as great as each individual’s character, trustworthiness, industriousness, loyalty, etc…

In order for the Folk Community to begin, grow, and thrive, we as a Folk must cooperate. That doesn’t mean unify, something which is truly difficult for our Folk, it means to cooperate on a common level. We can’t be concerned with things we truly cannot affect (i.e. other Folk’s Communities, etc..) , instead we must drop posturing and ego stroking. Let’s start working together on common goals. Let us worry about our own local communities, and let us grow one Folk Community at a time as independent entities. We may march separately, but strike together.

Finally, we as a Folk need to re-evaluate our position in this cause and even perhaps ask ourselves why we are activists for our Folk? In order for Folk Building to occur, our folk must have a clearly defined focus. Folk Building is a way to build a foundation for a strong Faith, Folk and Family.

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