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Grey Squirrel Folk Allegory

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By Raibeart OR Odinism is our natural religion and is nature based. When describing our Holy faith as nature based, I find it important to point out that rather than a Walt Disney film viewpoint of a child like utopia fantasy, it is about…

Our Time to Shine

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Gothi Redwald OR If you're anything like me you may have spent your younger years thinking up challenging scenarios which you could face down heroically. I remember days spent in the Scout Movement becoming interested in the outdoors and…

Raising Boys, Building Men

Gothi Redwald OR A problem exists in modern western society in regards to the way boys are raised and how a great number of adult men behave. As with all things social and political, a vacuum does not exist for long until it is filled,…

Living the 9 Noble Virtues while being a stay-at-home father

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By Hagalaz AOR Having been laid-off from a company I had vested over 6 years of my life- without severance pay or unemployment opportunities- provided a myriad of tribulations, depression, financial hardship, sacrifice and personal growth.…

The Black Sun of Alchemy in Depression and Dark Nights of the Soul

A Great Moot talk By Eowyn CG How many people here have experienced some form of depression in their lives? How many of you often feel sad about life, are grieving a loss or are despairing of the state of the world and often question what…

A Saxon Solution

By Aeswyn OR While looking through old copies of ORB following a thread on the Forum originally posted by Hengest in 2007 – looking for anyone who had a copy of an index he had made of ORB issues – I got sidetracked from my intent by…

The Red Kite: A modern allegory tale of our folk

By Rob M AOR

I am very lucky to now live in a very rural part of Britain having finally managed to escape the urban setting. Recently one day, as I lay outside in my garden with my eyes closed, I heard the familiar sound of a bird calling. It's a sound I instantly recognise and immediately know all is well on Midgard. The distinctive pitch of the red kite.

Points to ponder

By Robert G AOR

It is little wonder that you believe the world revolves around you. After all, you have been at the very center of every experience you have ever had. You are the star of your own movie. You wrote the script. You know how you want it to unfold. You even know how you want it to end. Unfortunately the Wyrd failed to give your script to anyone else.

Handfasting of Hengest OR and Fran

By Sigbert OR Hengest, Fran and family have not only become trusted comrades to me over the last 10 years or so that I have been in the Rite, but close friends that I have grown to love. So After seeing on the OR Members Forum a few months before that Hengest and Fran had decided to "renew" the wedding vows that they had sworn twenty years previously by becoming handfasted, I made sure that I would be there

Some Thoughts about Death and our Relationship with Her

By Hariulf OR In this article, I have decided to speak of a subject that we do not cover very often in our daily discussion but that is yet one of the few certainties we have in life: death. This is a huge topic and I think we could write many books without ever being able to fully cover it. In this article I’ll just offer some reflections on this subject that came during my meditations.

Your Heritage, Your Birthright

By Ramona W AOR From infancy to youth, I was neck deep in Christianity, as devout as any, lost in love and appreciation for an Almighty Creator I had been taught to fear and respect. Throughout my upbringing, I constantly encountered situations and teachings involving my faith that raised numerous questions for me that never were answered to my satisfaction. Hence, my faith weakened. But I blindly followed, as I was taught to do.

The Nuclear Family in the Modern Age - A 21st century folkish perspective

By Eowyn OR One of the most important things many folk will do in their lives is to raise a family; so naturally, it calls for some of the most serious planning one will ever do in life. Hence, it is not unusual for folk to raise questions on the forum relative to family roles. And as a group united by shared visions and yet from diverse backgrounds, the replies often reflect this fact, which is only right and natural. However, there is one ingredient of consideration that is rarely mentioned and which I believe needs more regard when the questions are being considered and that is of the role of “the family” within the wider framework of society.