Ostara Booklet from Acorn Hollow

Please enjoy this Ostara Booklet. Donar's Hearth OR has used it every year and it never fails to entertain, as well as, create a memoir of the celebration.

Odinic Word Search

Fabulous word search was created by Aidan of Frey's Beacon Hearth OR

OR Year Word Walk

Start the new year off with this fun printable to help you learn our Odinist names for the months. Try to figure out which of the months goes where and work your way from start to finish!

Odinist Alphabet Printables

, , , ,
Printable coloring pages for young children help to teach them about the alphabet and our Folk religion.

Nine Worlds Maze Challenge

These four printables contain 9 mazes representing the 9 worlds. As you finish one the next gets harder as you try to make your way to Asgard!

Online Interactive Jig Saw Puzzle: Heimdall

An interactive online jigsaw puzzle of Emil Doepler's painting of Heimdall. You must have Java to play. Have fun!

Online Jig Saw Puzzle: Thor

Brand New! Interactive online jig saw puzzle of Thor! Enjoy!

About AH Games

Games provide an atmosphere of passive learning. A good education incorporates both passive and active learning.Some OR kids playing Kubb at the ORV Summer Moot 2009 Active learning is where the mind is aware of the information and incorporates it through a systematic fashion. Passive learning is more relaxed and often involves using actively learned information immediately.

Midsummer Sun Maze

Printable maze in honor of the Summer Solstice of Midsummer: Festival of Balder.

Midsummer Coloring Pages

Printable Midsummer coloring pages for all ages.