In addition to the First Nations People that first populated this country, European settlers from France and England were the first to really settle this vast country. Did you also know that the Vikings had a very early settlement here along Canada’s Eastern shores? Located at L’Anse aux Meadows in the province of Newfoundland, it is the UNESCO-recognised site of the Vikings—the very first European settlement in Vinland.
Although Yule here is celebrated pretty much as in all other countries belonging to our Northern Indo-European folk organism, the cultural differences between the French and English settlers in the celebration of this great holiday period have continued to this day.

Sucre à la Crème (Fudge)

Sucre à la Crème (better known in English as fudge) is a favourite during the Yuletide season. Here is a very easy microwave recipe that is sure to please and tastes as good as any made by more traditional methods.

¾ cup of soft butter (and it must be real butter not margarine)

2 cups brown sugar

¾ cup Carnation evaporated milk

Stir all of these ingredients in a microwavable bowl. Microwave on High for a total of 10 minutes in the following fashion: Microwave for 3 minutes, then stir; microwave for another 3 minutes, then stir; and finally microwave for another 4 minutes, and then stir.

Let the mixture rest for 5 minutes. This step is VERY IMPORTANT!

Then add to mixture:

2 cups of icing sugar

½ cup of walnuts (optional)

1 tsp of vanilla extract

Use an electric beater to mix until the icing sugar has dissolved.

Pour the mixture in a buttered dish.

Let cool completely then cut into pieces.

To make it that much more special, you might want to imprint some favourite runes before it cools completely. Be creative!

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