The 9 Noble Virtues – A Suitable Hierarchy

By K Nowakowski AOR

The following is the result of a two day project partaken by myself and an individual not exactly an Odinist, but a man of great integrity. We took the Nine Noble Virtues, first defining each one as applied to the self.

These definitions were chosen through discussion with reference to a few dictionaries at our disposal. Once this was complete we arranged in order of what we thought is a suitable hierarchy of importance and gave a brief explanation. This is a personal assertion that you may or may not agree with, though, thought provoking as it is I hope it presents an additional way to consider these virtues regarded so.

Nine Noble Virtues Defined

Courage :  Mastery of fear as a state of mind or spirit.

Discipline : Self-control, specific character, behaviour patterns, training that produces moral/mental improvement.

Fidelity : Loyalty, devotion, to self honesty, to your virtues, to be loyal to your values

Honour : Distinction, honour is self-esteem made visible in action, personal integrity, respect.

Hospitality: Courteousness, kindness.

Industriousness :  Production, productive, anti-sloth.

Perseverance : Endure, to persist in a purpose,  idea or task in the face of adversity and strife

Self Reliance: Independence, self sufficiency, faith in self.

Truth :  Seek  truth, personal honesty

Suggested Hierarchy of Virtues and Why

Discipline:  To live nobly or to make anything possible you must have self control

Courage:    One must have discipline to master fear as a permanent mental/spiritual state.

Truth: One must have the above in order to seek truth in all things including self.

Honour: One must have the above to recognise and therefore maintain personal integrity

Fidelity: One must have the above in order to be able to instill in themselves any value or virtue

Perseverance: One must have the above in order to endure /persist in the face of adversity

Industriousness: One must have the above to be actively productive and unslothful

Self Reliance: One must have the above in order to acquire independence and faith in one’s endeavours

Hospitality:  Finally it is virtuous to be courteous.