Legacy of Blood

By Ulfhethnar Odinsen AOR

The genetic roots of our people long predate the ancient civilisations and cultures of the Nordic North as well as those of Rome, Egypt and Sumer. They were outward manifestations of a people’s inherent drive to understand and create order in an otherwise chaotic world. A desire to emulate the Gods who set the Sun, Moon and Stars into motions and brought a semblance of order.

In our lore we hear of the ancient fathers and mothers of our folk who learned to calm the seas, stir the wind and bind the violent earth. Sadly enough our poetic kennings have been taken as literal truth leaving a legacy of sorcerers to undermine and obscure the truth hidden within.

We wonder at such timeless monuments as Stonehenge and the pyramids of Egypt, Peru and others still barely being discovered in the Balkans. Terraces of bewildering magnitude in South East Asia whose origins have been lost to the tides of time. We sometimes speak of knowing our history and our great potential yet the vast majority of our history and potential has been hidden away from us and distorted.

Our legacy has been literally stolen and few speak out for fear of being labelled. We have allowed others to claim what is ours, a greatness that is not theirs. In their own stories we hear the truth time has not eroded. In their museums the mute testimonies of our blood lay shrouded awaiting our return.

Who were these golden haired, red bearded and fair skinned folk who left such indelible and awe inspiring creations across the span of Mother Earth? Those who mapped the stars, delved into the very mysteries of the great web? Learned through observation, through science and most definitely through the deepest spirituality the interplay of all things. Calming storms and building vast monuments were the least of their great accomplishments.

Their understanding of self led to an understanding of the ages of man. Of how great epochs began and would ultimately end. We wonder at complex societies that with no apparent rhyme or reason abandoned these civilisations in the Americas and Asia as well as most places in-between. Traces of which are still being discovered upon underwater atolls in the Atlantic as well as in the depths of overgrown jungles.

Who gave life to these communities but the elder Alfar and Disir of our blood? Those who now inhabit these lands know the truth in these words. More importantly I know the truth in them as should you. The mummies of Peru have much to tell us of ancient wisdom yet also of ruin. Of why these sacred places lay abandoned and silent, robbed of the joy, the laughter and beauty of our folk. Beneath the waters of Japanese shores lay the ruins of another branch. Yet within the width of the islands themselves, the last vestiges of the Ainu are still to be glimpsed. Stout and fair bearded, yet a branch withered and fading fast. The Gods forbid the day with no rain to nourish the tree when even the stones of Europe are claimed by a lesser folk. An age in which we are but visitors to where another has laid their claim. When we fail to see or hear what is clear enough or an age where we have ceased to be. When the fair green shores hear no more of the Northman’s tongue. When the cold still lochs are no longer beneath our gaze. When the verdant fields and their wild woods no longer echo with our laughter.

To understand the Alfar and Disir is to consider and understand what they have done and why. To truly understand our inheritance and their legacy. We have not been raised up on pillars of sand or lies. We have earned our place and our legacy in this age. And our legacy should be that we reclaimed what had been stolen. That we truly became fully aware of the extent of our history as it is. That what has been fearfully whispered should be shouted with pride. That others be held accountable for false boasts and other outright lies.

We are Odinists, that is true enough, a name given to something much older than a period in time a thousand years ago! A branch, an outward manifestation of a noble folk and tree that has sunk its roots beneath every land, beneath land claimed by shifting sands and rising tides, within those architectural marvels that modern man can scarce produce. It should be no mystery to us. We are more than marauding vikings and woad painted Celts, as noble as they were.

We have, in ancient and modern times alike, sought the heavens intellectually and spiritually and have achieved our goals. We are creatures by nature and divine by inheritance. Read our Eddas and Sagas but do not stop there. Let it just be the doorway beckoning you down noble halls lined with the portraits of your noble sires and proud matriarchs. Open doors to mystical landscapes and realms of spiritual awe. This is the realm of our folkish existence. Ancient yet hidden in plain sight. Ever it is of us, this legacy of the Alfar and Disir. It is not within the ancient groves lying in ruin or within the granite prisons built upon them. Their legacy is all around you primarily in the great potential within you. Within each and every one of our folk. Deny and neglect your history and you deny and neglect your blood and potential. You undermine the legacy of your folk, the rightful inheritance of your children.

Truth be told, none have come close to us, our folk. None have created civilisations of such magnitude nor maintained them. Wherever we cease to be the light of civilisation was likewise extinguished. That in itself is a lesson for this age if we are to survive. We have been known by many names in many ages upon many lands. We have toiled and contemplated in higher pursuits and when it was written within the strand all was severed and we began anew. Sometimes we forgot and fell prey to the wild beasts in the guise of men. When our healthy instincts lost their vitality. When we forgot who and what we were.

A single page is not a book, nor a single book a library. Likewise a single glimpse is not sight. We should open our eyes wide and see beyond the lies, distortion and reveal what has been laid beneath the dust of countless ages. Let us give voice and the breath of life once more to those who came before us and may we be worthy to share it with them.

Hail the Odinic Rite
Hail Blod Tru Hearth AOR
Ulfhethnar Odinsen AOR