The 9 Noble Virtues - A Suitable Hierarchy

By K Nowakowski AOR We took the Nine Noble Virtues, first defining each one as applied to the self and arranged in order of what we thought is a suitable hierarchy of importance and gave a brief explanation. This is a personal assertion that you may or may not agree with, though, thought provoking as it is I hope it presents an additional way to consider these virtues regarded so.

Our Personal Energy

By Hariulf OR “… Everything is Energy…” I must admit that it's something which I had never really thought of but it really struck me when I read it for the first time. Maybe that does not seem to be a big secret or a great truth, but I think that it is something very important to consider if we want to advance both spiritually and physically.

A brief synopsis of the nine noble virtues in the modern world

By Rory H. AOR Courage A small word I am sure that everyone would agree, and not a word that is heard too much these days. Whether that is because of the current trend for people to be mindless, state controlled automatons or as a more…

So be it - A few thoughts on the idea of Calm Acceptance

By Sam Coles AOR I try to accept the course of events in my life, living as best as I can, but understanding that difficulty and struggle are not punishment or ‘ill-fate’, but are there to forge a stronger will, to improve us in all our aspects, and to put us onto the right path.

Agnosticism Defies Belief

Agnosticism, of course, is not a wholly unreasonable viewpoint, just the result of a false line of enquiry. The agnostic attempts to assess objectively the merits of the believer's faith in the existence of god or gods by examining the evidence. He concludes that since a god cannot be apprehended by man's physical senses no evidence with any bearing on the question is available. He says, 'seeing is believing. I do not see. Therefore I do not believe'.