By Reginhard OR

There has been a lot of discussion recently amongst ourselves about how we can work together and raise awareness of our way, and how we can forward Odin’s Holy nation.

Personally I do not think there is a magic bullet or instant fix. There is no easy answer. Nor should there be.

Rather, there are many ways we can as an individual and as a community influence the rest of society. It is then that wyrd as a whole is affected.

I heard it said once; “If you see a problem in the world, you be the change that solves the problem.”
So what I would like to discuss is how do we stand up and be that solution. How can we work towards strengthening our folk.

In the teachings of the East they talk of what translates as “The Three Secrets”. These are described as a truth that doesn’t even require a belief for it to work. Without such truth nothing is accomplished.

The first truth is described as thought, desire or want, maybe need. Basically, do I have enough desire to achieve my goal.

“Ok, would anyone like a cookie?”

“Sure why not?”

“No problem; if you leave the room, go down the corridor, take the next staircase go to the 3rd door on the right you can help yourselves.”

Now we have a dilemma. Does my desire for a cookie match the effort required to get one? (Race you Hengest!)

As a people we are great at putting our own obstacles in our own way; “I don’t have the time” or “it will be difficult”. Also society has its own; “People will laugh at me” or “What would the neighbours think?” (Self-policing eh?)

The question is: Are these obstacles enough to keep me from achieving my goal? The desire to achieve a goal is not enough. Any thought of achieving a goal without need or desire would be purely academic.

The second truth is word or knowledge.

This can be described as being aware of what it takes to achieve a goal, and to have the understanding of what it takes to carry through that idea. This could include resources, practicality and effort involved. It often involves sharing ideas and trying out theories.

Recently I thought it would be a great idea to form an Odinic Rite 5-a-side soccer team and enter it into the local Sunday League.

It would be a good way of getting our name about and engage in friendly competition. We could even wear OR shirts. There is a slight problem however; I know nothing about football, I can’t play the game, I am useless at it and I have no desire to learn nor improve.

Realistically, Frey’s Beacon Hearth OR are too spread out geographically to make a team viable.
So for me this is a useless idea, but if anyone else wants to use it go ahead. (Back to the drawing board)

So it is vital that we produce ideas that we can do and that are achievable with the limits and constraints we have.

The third truth is deed

Yes, now you have to go and actually do what you have planned. You must take the first step and test the water.

A few years ago there was a TV advert for a sports manufacturer. In this advert a young man in a tracksuit was sat on a sofa with a sports bag beside him. He switches off the tv and picks up his bag to go to whatever sport he was going to. At this point the sofa attacks him and he is suddenly in a fight to get out of his flat. The punchline was “Beat the Sofa”.

We too need to beat the sofa or in many cases the computer chair!
This is the hardest part of the three. Yes we have a great idea, yes we know how to do it but it’s now “money where mouth is” time. This is where most of these good ideas die.

So now we have achieved our three secrets. We have an idea that we can feasibly put into practice. We have even taken the first step.

Now there is a final part without which all of this is not possible.

I may decide that I fancy playing the piano. I might book a lesson and attend my first class. Does that make me a pianist? No I need to repeat the process. I need years of practice and dedication.

Discipline is the difference between interruption and a permanent change.

Permanent change is only achieved through perseverance.
It is also important not to dwell on the negative or waste our time and energy discussing or complaining about things we have no influence over. Nor is it worth dwelling on the infinite solutions to our problems.

Through this method there are also only 3 outcomes to any situation in which you may find yourself.

  • No change, the situation is maintained
  • An attempt can be made to improve the situation
  • You can remove yourself/problem

A witty friend of mine a few years ago piped up:

“OK, how many llamas do I have in my pocket?”

To whit I answered “Is the number of llamas in your pocket a problem?”

“Of course the answer is no, so therefore it is irrelevant how many llamas you have in your pocket. It is only relevant if you have too many or too few.”

Problem solved.

Seriously though, it is quite liberating to realise that the answer is often simple.