Heimdal, the Shining One

By Sam Coles AOR

Armour of silver, helmet golden,
Sword of gleaming sun-fire,
The Defender of Asgard’s peaceful realm.

Hair of straw-hue, a fair white countenance,
Eyes of bluest flax.
The Radiance of the North.

God of beneficent fire,
Sun-fire, Need-fire,
The fire of spirit aroused.

Ye shall it be,
When Ragnarok comes,
To throw down the Great Deceiver, and smite his ruin from our hearts.

Ever-watchful sentinel of Bifrost’s blazing bridge,
Keep safe that which is treasured most.
Ye who lived among Odin’s Folk, and blessed us with your seed.

We honour you now, in word and deed:
Hail Light-Bringer, Shining One;
Heimdal Hail!