Resisting the Wolf Age

By Redwald OR

The Wolf Age, more often known under the Hindu / Buddhist term ‘Kali Yuga’, refers in very simplistic terms to a period of time where religion wanes, spirituality degenerates and moral standards slip. It is an age of vice, lacking in high culture.

In regards to religion, this word has always poses difficulties, living as we do in the present era. In days of old, religion was viewed very differently than it is today by those in the west. It was a way of life and the connection was deep and strong. Nowadays the word religion conjures up images of overly pushy Jehovah’s Witnesses and militant Islam or paedophile priests and Alpha course oddities.

Odinism is, of course, a religion and as Odinists existing in an age where those around us find the idea of true religion difficult to understand, we are faced with numerous problems.

The Odinic Rite does not seek to convert the masses, for during the Wolf Age the masses would bring harm and instability to our organisation. Yet we do indeed require members. The mission is, therefore, to show how membership of the Odinic Rite can benefit the individual and how in turn those benefits can radiate outwards to others.

In order to organise a micro-resistance to the Wolf Age, the whole concept of religion should be re-taught to those whom Wyrd may bring fleetingly our way. For although we do not preach, the positive thoughts, actions and religious rites our members perform has the effect of drawing in those who still have an ember of ethno-religious comprehension smouldering deep in their ancestral memory. We must immediately offer these people something of interest lest they drift back towards being spiritually unaware.

I must here state the importance of resisting the Wolf Age, for although outside our small circle a cultural darkness is devouring mother Jorth, this does not mean that resistance is futile nor does it mean we should be passive and accepting of the negativity which surrounds us. Those who are awakened have a duty to to seek further illumination while others may succumb. Genuinely enlightened folk are aware of illusion yet remain upbeat in the knowledge that they are not fooled by it.

To illustrate the downward spiral of the west, ponder that it has been almost 2,500 years since the ancient Greek philosopher Socrates was born and many people look to that era as a Golden Age where open debates could be held, where the gods were part of the people’s daily life and where great art, poetry and literature were the norm. Consider now how far we have fallen from grace and then consider the notion that man’s connection with his ancestral gods is one of the reasons for a people’s success or demise. The further we drift from our gods, the more base we become. Being true to your ancestral deities offers you much more than living in ignorance.

Odinism is as old as our race, as old as Hyperborea, yet the current incarnation of our faith we call the Odinic Rite is comparatively young. Members who have taken their studies and ritual seriously have come to understand that Odinism offers the camaraderie, lessons and spiritual deepening required to rebuild our folk and rise from the Wolf Age bright and shining like Baldur reborn. However in order to bring in the right kind of people, we must in some way be able to offer genuinely interested folk a glimpse of this truth. Remember that our myths are expressions of primal truth. They are lessons, passed down through the ages. Our rituals bring us in touch with those lessons and cultivate the god force within us.

The internet has offered us a reach far beyond that which was previously available, but it is not the be all and end all of Odinism. That said, it does offer the opportunity for epic imagery, audio and words which can be entirely different from a real world face-to-face conversation. Both methods of passing on our message have the potential for powerful change, however the change we seek is to restore a sense of tradition rather than promote a return to a bygone age. This must be understood, for there are some who would say one must dress in a bear skin in order to be an Odinist. There is a world of difference between having a traditional mindset and living in the past.

The Odinic Rite has a duty of care for our Faith, Folk and Family. Our organisation offers a genuine path towards enlightenment from apprentice member through Profession, Ordained Gothi / Gythia and beyond. And so it is that we can boldly offer something worthwhile to those curious enough to seek us out. The knowledge that we are creators, that we have a god force within us and that we are much more than we might at first think we are should spark the imagination of the genuine enquirer and allow him or her to visualise a future where their spiritual nature is allowed to blossom.

The benefits to the individual are many and the radiant benefit to our wider membership soon becomes apparent as the individual becomes an intrinsic part of the whole, nurturing and aiding others while simultaneously growing themselves. The Ancient Greeks had schools of philosophy; the Odinic Rite is a religious body yet which offers our folk something similar. Our influence runs deep.

If there is one final point to make, it is this – the Odinic Rite do not tolerate those who cause harm. Loki, the god of illusion, is not welcome here. Which means if you are genuine, you will find others to connect with.

Raise your standard. Hail the Odinic Rite.

Redwald OR