Ostara, by Odin (age 10, AH London)

OstaraThis is how Odin sees our Goddess Ostara. He says his thoughts are based on the representation of Spring in the Disney animation "The Firebird" from Fantasia.

British Bulldog

This game has seen a demise in recent years due to the compensation culture and political correctness sweeping through our lands. It is banned in most British schools due to both fear of litigation should somebody get hurt and also because it is considered by the teaching establishment to have racist, imperialist undertones.


Kubb is a traditional outdoor Swedish game that is great fun for families, children or people who take the game more seriously.

10,000 (Dix Mille)

The French dice game called Dix Mille (Ten Thousand), is so named because 10,000 points is the goal of play

Nine Men's Morris

This game is of unknown origin but it was very popular in England in the Middle Ages and even earlier among Roman soldiers.


The rules of very early games have not survived in any definite form but one old game called "Mia" is an entertaining game that does not have to involve gambling.

Fox and Geese

It is now believed that this game originally came from Iceland because it was first mentioned there in about 1300 but it became very popular in fifteenth century Europe.


The European card game Poch is at least 500 years old, and is still played in Germany under the name Poch, Pochspiel (the game of Poch) or Pochen.

Deciphering Codes

There are innumerable ways to create codes. Codes have been used in every conflict our Folk have faced and there were whole military departments that were dedicated to cracking codes.

I Spy

This is a game popularized by the series of books called “I Spy…” But one doesn’t need the books to play this game; parents can choose any set of rules or subjects.

20 Questions

20 Questions is a game made popular from the years of radio entertainment.

Homonym - Synonym - Antonym Game

This is a great game to stretch those language skills. This takes into account the basic skills of opposite, same as, and looks the same but is different.