Players in turn roll six dice, trying to throw ones (worth 100 points each), fives (worth 50 points each), and/or threes of a kind (worth 100 times the number rolled, 2-2-2 = 200, etc., except that 1-1-1 = 1000).

A throw of 1-2-3-4-5-6 is a special throw worth 1500 points. A player, after scoring points, may either stop and add all of the points from that turn to her permanent score, or throw again using any unused dice, trying to score additional points.

A throw with no scoring combinations ends the player’s turn with nothing added to his permanent score. If a player scores points with all of the remaining dice, he may stop, or continue again throwing all six dice again.

The first player to reach 5000 points (or 10,000 in some versions) wins.

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