10,000 (Dix Mille)

The French dice game called Dix Mille (Ten Thousand), is so named because 10,000 points is the goal of play

Nine Men’s Morris

This game is of unknown origin but it was very popular in England in the Middle Ages and even earlier among Roman soldiers.


The rules of very early games have not survived in any definite form but one old game called "Mia" is an entertaining game that does not have to involve gambling.

Fox and Geese

It is now believed that this game originally came from Iceland because it was first mentioned there in about 1300 but it became very popular in fifteenth century Europe.


The European card game Poch is at least 500 years old, and is still played in Germany under the name Poch, Pochspiel (the game of Poch) or Pochen.


This ancient games goes well back into antiquity. In French the word Charade means, used to indicate a riddle either in verse or prose, of which the listener must guess the meaning, often given syllable by syllable.

Ostara: Carrot Scavenger Hunt

Keep the kids busy searching for carrots dropped by the Ostara bunny on his travels.