This game has seen a demise in recent years due to the compensation culture and political correctness sweeping through our lands. It is banned in most British schools due to both fear of litigation should somebody get hurt and also because it is considered by the teaching establishment to have racist, imperialist undertones.

Fortunately, as Odinists we can ignore such nonsense and enjoy this part of British heritage!

You need a fairly large area such as a hall or a playing field to ensure players have enough room to maneuver.

The game starts with all players, except one, at one end of the playing area. The other person is the Bulldog and stands in the middle.

When the Bulldog shouts “BRITISH BULLDOG!” all of the players have to run to the other end of the playing area. The job of the Bulldog is to tag (gentle version) or wrestle to the ground (rough version) or catch and hold for 3 seconds, as many of the other players as they can. Each of those caught becomes a Bulldog and helps the original Bulldog to catch others next time round.

The last player left uncaught is the winner.

There are other variations to this game, for example the Bulldog chooses one player to make a run. That player will attempt to run across the playing area without getting caught but at any time may shout “BRITISH BULLDOG” at which point all the other players make a run for it.

British Bulldog

British Bulldog

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