This is a game popularized by the series of books called “I Spy…” But one doesn’t need the books to play this game; parents can choose any set of rules or subjects.

For instance, “I spy with my little eye something that is red and square shaped” and the child searches the room for that object. This game helps young children learn their shapes, colors, objects, first words, etc… It can even be played with children who are unable to communicate using words. It is important to remember that although children cannot speak well doesn’t mean they aren’t understanding everything around them, so one can tell a 2 year old that has rudimentary language skills, “I spy a red block” and they will probably find it!! This is a really fun game for younger children.

For older children, you can be more difficult and cryptic in your I Spies. For instance an Elementary child could find something to do with a piece of literature they are reading or an object with only a small amount of information. It really makes the mind work from young to old!

Taking I SPY on the Road

I SPY riddles help children become more familiar with letter and word recognition. A great way to reinforce this skill is to play I SPY the alphabet in the car. Whether you are taking a long journey or a short ride, this will keep children entertained while they learn. Use the letters of the alphabet to search for objects during your trip. Start with the letter A: I spy an airplane in the sky. I spy a bank on Smith Street. I spy a cat on the sidewalk. Take turns finding objects in alphabetical order. See how long it takes to get all the way to Z. Start from A again and try to find the letters of the alphabet in street signs or on license plates too.

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