Homonym – Synonym – Antonym Game

This is a great game to stretch those language skills. This takes into account the basic skills of opposite, same as, and looks the same but is different. The game is very simple.

The parent says a word and then asks for a Synonym/Antonym or asks for a Homonym or Homophone and the different meanings. The children just raise their hands and the quickest gets to answer. The game can go on as long as the parent wants. Usually points are given and the player that gets to the pre-decided high score wins. Once a child knows the difference between these terms, they can play so age group is according to the level of understanding in the child. The reward system is up to the Parent. This is usually just a fun game to reinforce grammatical lessons.

Homonym—Words that are the same in spelling and sound, but have different meanings. These are very often Noun/Verb twins such as water (water the grass or drink of water).

Homophone—Words that have the same sound and but not the same meaning or spelling. These are more common: To, Too, Two or Merry and Marry.

Homograph—Words that have the same spelling but not the same sound or meaning. Bow of a ship or Bow and arrow.

Synonym—Two words that have the same meanings: beautiful and lovely.

Antonym—Two words that are the opposite: large and small.

One will find that their children will start discovering several Homophones/Homonyms, Antonyms, and Synonyms in their daily readings, and life!

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