A Yule Card by Blakey

Blakey AOR of Frey's Beacon Hearth in the Northwest of England made this Yule card featuring Thor's hammer, Mjolnir and he also wrote the verse inside it. Well done Blakey!

Odinic Word Search

Fabulous word search was created by Aidan of Frey's Beacon Hearth OR


Coloring of the god Heimdall submitted to AH by Mylene.

Thor by Daylon D. (AH Texas) Age 12

thor-by-daylon-dillardOriginal artwork of Thor

by Daylon of AH Texas

Ostara, by Odin (age 10, AH London)

OstaraThis is how Odin sees our Goddess Ostara. He says his thoughts are based on the representation of Spring in the Disney animation "The Firebird" from Fantasia.