Odinist Alphabet Printables

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Printable coloring pages for young children help to teach them about the alphabet and our Folk religion.

Apple Tart Recipe to Cook with Your Children

Acorn Hollow is about education in all areas of life. One of the Nine Noble Virtues is Self Reliance and one part of taking care of one's self is knowing how to provide and cook meals. Seb AOR has sent Acorn Hollow a child friendly recipe along with pictures that he has made with his own lovely daughter.

Everyone's a Critic!

Using this printable pdf document your child can write a critical review of a movie. Very useful for encouraging critical thinking.

Write a 5-line poem

Write a 5-line poem in the following manner...

Reading Fluency and Comprehension

Teaching a child to read is the single most important job a parent-teacher has! Here are some easy ways to get a slow reader to pick up that pace and learn to love reading.

Become a S-H-A-R-P Speller!

Creating a good spelling regimen can be difficult. This guide should take some of the pain out of learning to spell.