Freyja is a fertility Goddess of the Vanir, who is known for her looks. She is the Goddess of beauty and love. It is Freyja that one would turn to for matters of the heart. Freyja is also associated with magic- she is the one who taught seidhr to Odin.

Freyja along with her twin brother Frey and her father Njord, lived in Vanaheim until the end of the war between the Aesir and the Vanir. After the war was over they went to Asgard to live with the Aesir.

The Aesir gave Freyja Folkvang (Folk Field), which was her dwelling in Asgard. Freyja shared half of those who died in battle with Odin and they lived with her in Folkvang. Her hall was called Sessrymnir(Many Seats). Not only was it home to Freyja, but also the wives of the Einherjar.

Freyja was married to Od. He left Freyja behind and traveled the nine worlds. Freyja wandered looking for Od. She was so saddened by his absence that she would weep tears of amber (some stories say they were tears of gold). Hence the precious gem being associated with the goddess.

Freyja’s most prized possession is the necklace Brisingamen (Flaming Torque). The story about how she gained the necklace, is probably the most well known one associated with the Goddess.

Freyja owns a falcon cloak. When she puts it on she can change shape and fly around the world. Other animals associated with the goddess are cats and boars. She rides in a chariot that is pulled by two cats. When she is not riding in her chariot, she rides on a boar name Hildisvini (Battle Swine).

Artwork: “Freyja” by C. E. Doepler

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