The Gods and Goddesses of Odinism
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Eira is the goddess of healing, the force behind the power to heal and the giver of bountiful health. In days before we suffered from the blight of Christianity she was the patroness of the priestess shamaness who cared for the health of the community, for at one time healing was seen to be a female function. Eira is mentioned briefly in Icelandic mythology as a handmaiden of Frigga (Ostara) but we have found her to be a benign and powerful deity in her own right. She is one of the divine forces that breathes potency into magical and medicinal herbs and she gives power to those who heal by the touch of their hands.

Few of the gods are as close to us as Eira. She can be called to without invocation and will respond, bringing with her a gentle force that speeds the healing process. If you suffer from an illness and call to her do not be surprised if you feel the touch of her hands on your head. She holds the power of kindness and control, the firmness of a loving mother.

Hail Eira, Mother of Healing!
Release in me the power to heal myself.
Grant me the power to heal others
In the name of the High Gods!