Heimdall, the guardian, stands upon Bifrost (Wavering or Trembling way) aka the rainbow bridge. He stands guard ready to blow his horn Gjallarhorn (Resounding Horn)whenever there is danger in Asgard. Heimdall makes a good guardian, he has abnormally good senses. It is said that he can hear grass grow and can see to the end of the world. Heimdall was also known by the name Gullintani (Gold Tooth). He is also known as the “whitest God”. In many stories Heimdall is at odds with Loki, who as we know represents chaos and trickery. Heimdall represents enlightment, whereas Loki represents illusion.

Heimdall’s home is called Himinbjorg (Sky Mountain) and is located near Bifrost. His sword is called Hofund (Heimdall’s Head). He is associated with the ram, which may be because of his horn. The ram is a noble and strong creature. Heimdall owns a horse Gulltopr (Gold Top).

Disguised as Rig, Heimdall travelled to Midgard. There he fathered the three social classes.

Artwork: “Heimdallr” by Lorenz Frolich

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