Frey, the twin brother of Freyja, is a fertility God. He has control over both sunshine and rain- two elements essential for a successful crop.

Frey lives in the realm of the light elves, which is called Alfaheim (The Realm of Light Elves). It is not known if he was the patron God of the elves or the ruler of them.

Like his sister, Frey is associated with the boar. His boar is named Gullinbursti (Golden Bristle). Gullinbursti lit up the world with its shining bristles as it traveled through the air. Frey also has horse, which is called Blodughhofi (Bloody Hoof).

Frey is the owner of the ship Skidbladnir(Thin Planked). This ship can travel on land, sea or air. It is large enough to carry all the gods and their equipment, but can also be folded up small enough to fit in Frey’s pocket. Another possession of Frey’s is his magic sword, which can fight on its own. He also has a stag’s antler which becomes very useful to him as a weapon during Ragnarok. He had to use the stag’s horn, because he had given his sword to his servant Skirnir, when he asked him to woo the giantess Gerda.

Artwork: “Freyr” by Jacques Reich

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