Hyndluljoth (The Poem of Hyndla)

By Einar Randall AOR This is a myth I have never before really contemplated on. I will begin with a summary of the myth and then discuss my own views and interpretation.

A Note In Defence of Freya

By Eowyn OR In any literature concerning the role of Freya in our mythology, there are two common- and to my mind, abhorrent- assertations made about this most sacred Goddess within our pantheon, which profoundly reflect the pervasiveness of the desert creed poisoning within the folk soul, despite protestations to the contrary.

Gods & Goddesses of Odinism

An introduction into the Gods, Goddesses, wights and beings of Odinic Mythology

A Woman's Place

IT HAS been said that Norse paganism is very patriarchal, giving rule and stress to the male in society and worship involved which mostly deals with Odin, Thor, Balder, Frey, etc.... But many fail to realise that the goddesses of the Aesir and Vanir played an important part in the life and worship of the Scandinavian peoples.


Like Odin himself, the mother of people bears many names - Ostara, Frigg, Freya, Hulda, Mother Cary, Frau Holle, Tara and many more. She is the most well-loved of our divinities. So well loved that even the malice of the Christian usurpers could not force the people to turn from her.

The Odinic Pantheon - Preliminary ideas and a statement of purpose

In its resurgence over the past century Odinism has sometimes lacked credibility due to a tendency on the part of its adherents to refer to our deities in what can best be described as a literary fashion.

Feast of the Disir

The Disir are the ancestral mothers, the first of each of our ancestral line. There are around 400 votive altars raised all over Europe dedicated to ancestral mothers. Freya is considered the 'Queen of the Disir' due to her fertility and magical qualities, but Frigga could very well fill this role.


A brief essay on the Goddess Freyja.

Amber - Gold of Our Folk

Our Northern ancestors were wearing Baltic/ North Sea amber jewellery as long as 10,000 years ago, it is the oldest gemstone to be worn on the body, it was worn by both men and women and it was given to warriors as a good luck charm.  Baltic/North…

The Rose

The ROSE is the national flower of England and is thoroughly intertwined with our history. The old name for these islands, Albion, is said to have been taken from the white rose and all our past seems to be haunted by roses, both red and white.…