Folk Spirit to start the day

By Shawn E AOR

Being new to the Odinic Rite can be a tricky thing, as there is much to learn and much to unlearn from previous paths traveled. However, I have found something that has helped me in several ways in my daily life. That is daily meditation and use of the Folk Spirit CD.

Within the opening pages of the Book of Blotar one will find suggestions for daily rites. I have come to combine three of these into one daily rite which I do in the morning. However, there is more to these that I have added. Having purchased the Folk Spirit CD I decided to put it to use and this has enriched my morning rites greatly. To begin, I listen to track 5, “The Voice of Thunder”, with its calming thunder and flowing flute sounds I have come to use this to meditate on the day at hand. I then recite the three rites from the Book of Blotar and with the addition of the Hammer signing I put on my hammer.

With some light stretching I then turn to track 7, “The Windswept Tree”, of the Folk Spirit CD and Hengest leads me through the Elder Futhark as I offer some Galdr along with his. I have found that reciting also the bits of the Havamal within the song have helped me to think of things runically during the day. Often I do this in my bedroom alone, although there are times when I have done this in the living room with a bit more pageantry to my movements. When coming to the closing of the morning rite, I choose track 10 “The Night Visits” by the Dutch Ramblers.

Why do I say that this has helped me? Well, being one who has had a keen interest in the runes for the past 12 years, I find that “The Windswept Tree” offers a perfect pace and flow to the Galdr of the the Elder Futhark There are moments of pause to reflect upon the building energy, and there are parts of the Havamal that help to put things into perspective. Sometimes all we need is some focus in the morning to help the day unfold easier.

Starting with the flute work of Boyke Ten Broeke has proven to be both relaxing and motivating in the morning. Although the track is just less than two minutes, I find it helps to rouse the mind into a meditative state that is not too deep, but just enough to facilitate an awareness shift. Doing so just before greeting the sun offers a bit of magic as well as a sense of purpose to my morning.

The track chosen to end my morning rite might seem a bit odd if looking at its title alone. However, with that aside, the moving flute work offers a nice pace and invigorates the mind to get moving into the mundane.

At the risk of sounding like an advertisement, please allow me to say that if you have yet to pick up a copy of the Folk Spirit CD then perhaps now is the time. The CD is well done and well worth the price, and you have the added bonus of supporting the Rite and Odinist media as well. Make the Folk Spirit disc a part of your daily routine and I can tell you that you will see the benefits quickly and in a measured increase. Even if you find yourself to be more of a “fly by the seat of your pants” type Odinist, something as simple as I have outlined above will bring you benefits. Grab your Folk Spirit CD and work it into your morning… what do you have to lose?

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