Folk Spirit – A Compilation of Odinist Artists

Folk Spirit Cover Front

We are very proud to announce the release of our first album, a compilation of music by members and friends of the Odinic Rite.

The compilation is a showcase containing a variety of genres from Odinists around the world.

Folk Spirit was born of an idea, or more correctly, a desire. A desire to build a collection of song and verse to be sung at gatherings, around the camp fire, at ceremonies and rituals.

As is often the case with Odinists, what started as a desire grew into action and we determined to find the talent which we were sure was hiding amongst our comrades and friends.

This album is the first result of that search.

We hope that this will be the first of many showcases of Odinist talent and that what is offered here will inspire others to put into verse and to music their thoughts, feelings, aspirations and ideas, their celebrations of life, love, family, nature, Earth and our holy High Gods and Goddesses.

Folk Spirit track listing.

1. Green Woods of England – Cynewulf
2. My Land – Lee James
3. Jotunheim – Oswulf
4. Odin – Ansund
5. Voice Of Thunder – Boyke Ten Broeke
6. Valkyrjas Spoken Words – Hildr Valkyrie
7. The Windswept Tree – White Horse
8. Lost between the lines – Lee James
9. Lighting the Pyre – Casey Williams
10. The Night Visits – Dutch Ramblers
11. Longobardia – Death Army
12. Aftermath – Oswulf
13. Deep Waters – Cynewulf
14. The Wheel – Ansund
15. Wolf Age – Lee James

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