Folk Spirit II – Contributions Sought

Plans are underway to release a long awaited sequel to the first OR Media album ‘Folk Spirit’, but OR Media urgently needs contributions from new and existing Odinist artists.

Within a week after a bulletin was put out via the OR Forum and the OR Media facebook group, OR Media received three contributions for this new album, which has a working title of ‘Folk Spirit II’.

But in order to fulfill OR Media’s ambitious plans, new Odinist artists must come forward with their material.

OR Media is looking for both music and spoken word tracks which must be Odinic in nature and uphold the high standards of the Odinic Rite.

All profits from sales of downloads or CD’s will be put back into the Odinic Rite’s struggle towards a new awakening. By submitting material, artists agree that their contributions may be used by OR Media and the Odinic Rite.

To submit material for consideration, or to ask a question, email Redwald, AOR:

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