Folk Spirit II – ‘Folk Soul’


OR Media has selected 15 tracks from the 26 submitted for the final album cut of ‘Folk Spirit II’ with the release name being ‘Folk Soul’.

The great news is that everyone who has submitted a track will get at least one of their tracks on this album, and the rest of the material will go towards our next (third) album.

Please note that the tracks selected were chosen as being a good balance for this album, and the choice was extremely difficult as all submissions were excellent.

‘Folk Soul’ will comprise a good mix of metal, folk and instrumental pieces. Order of play may vary.

The final track list is as follows

  • Hjoggum Vér Með Hjörvi
  • Gods And Men
  • El Vassel
  • Gather Round (Folk Of Mine)
  • Etheral Forest (Of Valour And Glory)
  • Heir To The Woodland Throne
  • Onwards To Valhalla
  • English Power
  • Ragnarok
  • Inanngard
  • Return Of The Silvatici
  • The Spirit Call
  • Miri It Is
  • Andvari’s Gold (Sigurd And Fafnir)
  • Vanadis Hall

Could everyone please now submit to me a short biography and the lyrics for your selected song (see above) so OR Media can design some artwork and add details to the OR Media website.

If you have already submitted lyrics or yours is an instrumental piece, just forward me your biography.

No need for anything too personal on the biog – for example:

Sample Biog

Name: Redwald
Age: 32
Location: Shropshire, England
About Me: I have always felt a connection with nature and my ancestral gods, and joining the Odinic Rite was a logical and very positive step to take. I am married with a young son and enjoy simple pleasures such as country walks and real ale. I play guitar and own a small number of acoustics including a beautiful Norman 12 string, and have been looking after OR Media for about a year.

Thanks for your huge efforts – we’re nearly there; one last push and another excellent OR Media production will be fully up and running.

Your hard work makes all this possible.

And remember – if you are interested in Odinism, get in touch with the Odinic Rite; if you’re an Odinist and have an interest in music, add your thoughts.

OR Media – Seeking a New Awakening!


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