Project: Odin – Songs to the Allfather

OR Media is excited to announce the pre-Yule release of our brand new album entitled ‘Project: Odin – Songs to the Allfather’.

A significant number of Odinist artists have once again contributed to what is potentially OR Media’s most groundbreaking music release to date. This album – with tracks inspired by the Allfather – is a culmination of artists’ musical interpretation of the esoteric and exoteric meaning of Odin and contains tracks which span a broad spectrum including acoustic, metal, folk, contemporary and meditative.

With high quality submissions from the ranks of the Odinic Rite, artists such as Black Vale, Folk Unit, Werewolf of England, The Akasha Principle, Sprite Storm, Hildr Valkyrie and more have delved deep into their creative soul to produce music which will awaken the spirit of Wotan.

For the first time OR Media is pleased to present three live tracks; two of which were recorded in a European chalk quarry and have a distinctive ethereal feel and another which was recorded around the camp fire at a Folk Camp at the Uffington White Horse.

This album will both entertain and enable greater connection to the God Force within.

Furthermore, for the first time, OR Media have designed nine pages of artwork which include a selection of lyrics from ‘Project: Odin’. This is included, along with CD artwork, in the Payloadz download or can be downloaded separately using the artwork link at the bottom of this page.


OR Media would like to extend Yule Greetings to our comrades and especially thank the artists of OR Media who have once again sacrificed their time to provide folkish material which will aid the New Awakening.

Hail the Odinic Rite!

Available now via the OR store


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