New Release: Folk Flame – A Third Compilation of Odinist Artists

OR Media in association with the Odinic Rite are proud to announce the release of our third album, entitled ‘Folk Flame’.

This album comprises 21 tracks from various artists and is the culmination of a three year project to bring the musical and creative talents of Odinists to a wider audience.

‘Folk Flame’ is an inspirational work, comprising many genres of music including folk, metal, poetry and more. Since the release of our first two albums, ‘Folk Spirit’ and ‘Folk Soul’, many more artists came to OR Media offering their work for submission and the track list for Folk Flame increased significantly.

Listeners will be treated to the most varied and interesting ‘Folk…’ album to date, and it is an album which will certainly stand the test of time. The spoken word tracks are deep and meaningful, the traditional ballads are timeless and the emotional content delivered by our artists will truly connect with the Northern European soul.

This album brings to an end the first phase of the OR Media experiment. Plans for a number of new and ever more intriguing projects are already underway, but for the time being you are invited to enjoy the fruits of honest Odinist labour in the form of our musical releases.



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