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Games lubricate the body and the mind. – Benjamin Franklin

Games provide an atmosphere of passive learning. A good education incorporates both passive and active learning.

Active learning is where the mind is aware of the information and incorporates it through a systematic fashion.

Passive learning is more relaxed and often involves using actively learned information immediately.

As with games and puzzles the mind must use strategies, lateral thinking, deductive reasoning, etc…to overcome the opponent or to solve the puzzle. The mind then takes that input and organizes and correlates it so it can be used at another time.

We are hard wired to understand ancestrally inspired games, they allow that part of our genetic code to be unlocked! Also, what better way to inspire love of their own Folk then to provide positive, mind expanding activities. Plus they are just plain ol’ FUN!

Use the games section as a way to get your children excited about education. We will endeavor to add more and more games as they become available. Many of our games were featured at the inaugural Acorn Hollow Home Educators meeting, so they are tried and true!

Please send us any games your family enjoys, and we will add them to our site!

Thank you,
Faith, Folk, Family!
Acorn Hollow

Some OR kids playing Kubb at the ORV Summer Moot 2009

Some OR kids playing Kubb at the ORV Summer Moot 2009

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