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Grey Squirrel Folk Allegory

By Raibeart OR Odinism is our natural religion and is nature based. When describing our Holy faith as nature based, I find it important to point out that rather than a Walt Disney film viewpoint of a child like utopia fantasy, it is about real nature. Our ancestors and those of us today who have […]

How can faith help us survive obstacles?

  By Katia Puryear “The strongest oak of the forest is not the one that is protected from the storm and hidden from the sun. It’s the one that stands in the open where it is compelled to struggle for its existence against the winds and rains and the scorching sun.” -Napoleon Hill (1881-2970) My […]

Odinism, To Me

By D Meister AOR To me, Odinism is the modern expression of the Germanic Folk Soul. It is a manifestation of the Teutonic folkish personality, a personality that seeks a balanced relationship with humankind and its Mother Jorth, a holistic connection between itself and the higher and lower spirits, and an earthly system of verities […]


By Hagalaz OR There are times in our lives that we’re faced with trials and tribulations that we must over come, or we’ll ultimately fail and succumb to them. During these times one might find themselves questioning themselves, “Am I strong enough?”, “Am I brave enough?”, “Am I smart enough?”. Some of us may refuse […]



by Vidarolf OR  The number three takes a prominent numerical place in our faith, evidenced in our mythology, all Indo-European myths, symbols, theology and culture. The simple and organic numerology symbolised in the trefot symbol of the Odinic Rite serves to illustrate a basic theme of our troth and culture, that of functionalism, namely trifunctionality. […]

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New OR Book – Beginning Meditation

This small book was created to help the Odinist begin and enjoy the mental benefits of meditation. Not only for the beginner but those looking to develop and improve their practice. It is written in a very straightforward and easily accessible style in order to immediately get started. Very little is spent on theories as […]


The Rite

by Arinbjorn OR I feel It rising within me The Churning Fire flows Like waves on an endless ocean The Fylfot turns, the Wheel rolls And the Millstone grinds I draw it forth and push it out It is my ink and I will paint the World with my Breath and Fire The air vibrates […]