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The Psychology of Action

By Redwald OR The Odinic Rite is particularly special because a significant number of our members are active. In this age of fingertip technology where such things as Facebook dominate the lives of many, it is all too easy to live one’s life through the medium of the internet. A computer-savvy individual can build an […]

Light in the Darkness

By Arinbjorn OR Greetings All! I hope that this last year has passed with ease and brought about at least some sense of evolution and growth. And here is to a New Year filled with more of it! It is a fact in this world that each year, each day, each hour brings struggle and […]

A Saxon Solution

By Aeswyn OR While looking through old copies of ORB following a thread on the Forum originally posted by Hengest in 2007 – looking for anyone who had a copy of an index he had made of ORB issues – I got sidetracked from my intent by reading them. While doing so I found a […]

Odinic Rite Poetry Competition Results 2266 / 2016ce

In the autumn of last year, the first Odinic Rite poetry competition was opened for entries and submissions were sent in after members and friends of the OR read about it on this website. Submissions were carefully managed by competition organiser Redwald OR to ensure anonymity during the judging process. Entries were printed, given a […]


By Anders B AOR After I’da finished the hammer that were featured on this site a while ago, the itch to make something that were associated with both our ancestral past and our faith got the better of I, and so too, the need to return to me shed in Svartalfheim with me fellow spiritual […]

The Treasures of the Gods

By Einar Randall AOR In this myth we are given a folkloric version regarding crop harvesting, the importance of cutting down the old stocks which is necessary to make way for the next planting. The connection to this idea stems form the fact that Sif, Thor’s wife is the goddess of vegetation, farming, harvest and […]

The Word upon the Winds

by Gothi Arinbjorn OR When the shaman awoke, he called to the men and women of his tribe, roused them from sleep, and when they had gathered, he danced and sang his dream. His people sat enthralled and when he had finished, they asked what the dance was called. CHANGE! was his answer. The above […]

Conception, Perception and Introspection: Perspectives of Blotar

By Vidar / Gungnir Hama AOR The experiences of ritual, and Blotar especially are delegated to the three qualities of epistemology, the philosophy of knowledge; conception (reason), perception (observation or empiricism) and introspection (faith, intuition and visualisation). Each adherent is responsible to heighten the blot experience in all three areas. The ability to respond in […]

Vedic – Eddic – Avesta : Part 1

By Egil Bamberger AOR & Hodr Fabian AOR Upon opening ORBriefing, issue 219 Autumn 2261 pg.3 we read “The ancient Vedic texts written by our ancestors contain much of this wisdom …” The key word being “Vedic”, which may be a question in some folks mind? Some may suppose this was a misprint and should […]