Grey Squirrel Folk Allegory

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By Raibeart OR

Odinism is our natural religion and is nature based. When describing our Holy faith as nature based, I find it important to point out that rather than a Walt Disney film viewpoint of a child like utopia fantasy, it is about real nature. Our ancestors and those of us today who have awakened, realise that all the serious and deep answers to our lives, physically, mentally and spiritually can be found by the study of nature. These lessons can be profound and more importantly, sometimes very harsh. Mother nature can be cruel and ruthless, as well comforting and enlightening. Odinism is a lifestyle, a total way of life and part of that living as Odinist is to study and ponder many issues that affect us and our struggle. It was whilst applying this principle that I had the following experience.

I was aware of a discussion going on amongst work colleagues about how Brexit will be a disaster for the UK. Now this post is not political in nature and certainly not about Brexit but it was the root of my experience. As I went about my duties before I started my shift, I took a moment to go to the crew room to prepare my food. However, I sat down first and I began to drift into that dream like state of meditative trance.

To my surprise, I found myself deep within a forest of ancient Pine trees. I was aware of the beautiful aromas that are so fragrant within a dense woodland. I was taken aback by the sheer spectacle and profound vision. I was lost deep within this meditation as my awareness became clearer. I heard various noises of the wildlife going about their daily activities.

It was during this moment that I caught sight of a red squirrel. As I stared at this delightful creature, I felt my body dissolve and becoming tiny atoms but still my vision was starring at the squirrel whilst he stared back. I then suddenly noticed that I was staring back at myself. It was an odd experience but not disturbing. I felt a sadness
and plea full sensation deep within and I was then aware that it was from the squirrel. He showed me his ancestry reaching back and how other species similar to his were introduced amongst his habitat.

At first there were limited numbers of the ‘others’ but this changed very rapidly and significantly. It seemed as those in power did not recognise the serious destruction to his habitat and the diseases that now affected his own. The overall destruction to other wildlife and the imbalance of population and demand for resources. As this vision began to fade I returned to my daily surroundings.

It lasted but a moment in normal time but it had a strong and profound affect on me. I kept revisiting this in my mind and looked closer at the squirrel situation. It became yet more allegorical and mimicked our own folk struggle. The Grey squirrels were introduced by the upper classes to the UK in 1850s onwards. Even within a few years, the problems of such an introduction were very clear. Calls for control and measures to be put in place were raised. This did not happen, or certainly no effective measures were installed.

Red squirrel sitting in treeToday there are only small pockets of the indigenous red squirrel surviving and their existence as a species is still critical. Their food sources and habitat is being ruthlessly destroyed and their plight ignored. The invading species has interbred, infected with sexually transmitted diseases and passed on other life threatening infections. They have also been allowed to continuously destroy a large variety of wildlife including bird populations. They ravish and destroy their nests and young. They also strip the bark of trees, thus destroying them and the habitat for so many other animal species. The seeds of indigenous trees are eaten by the hoard, long before any are fertile and ripe enough to produce new trees and plants. This devastating behaviour is due to their never ending desire, greed and lust, not for survival but because they are characteristically unappeasable, never satisfied with what they have. There is little or no benefit, to both the red squirrel as a species or the natural ecosystem in the UK.

There are respected organisations that are devoting a lot of resources to promote the Greys. They argue that the over all population of red squirrels is healthy around the world and that the plight in the UK is of no importance. Respected charities are actively, and sometimes unwittingly supporting the Greys through encouragement of poorly thought out activities and campaigns. Often those involved are removed from the destruction and the direct impact. This blindly affects their motivation and in this naivety will result in the total destruction of the indigenous species. Only then, will their actions and recklessness become clear.

This meditation haunts me from time to time. The allegorical significance is self evident. There are small groups though, that are actively seeking to redress the balance and promote the existence of the indigenous red species. Bold, almost insignificant but still very active and focussed.

Ours is a natural religion and a Holy faith that is nature based. Let us learn from the lessons She teaches us. Let us ever be strong, committed and fail not to defend our Faith, Folk and Family through all storms and dark times so that the Odin Nation will endure.

Hail Hypeborea Rising
Hail our Folk
Raibeart OR

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