Invocations to Various Deities for Children and Families


These invocations are designed to be used within a simple ritual situation, invoking the names of our deities whether outdoors or lighting a sacred candle in the hope of gaining some inspiration and bringing divine essence into the work.  It is hoped that those who read and speak these invocations, especially the children who might do so, feel some inspiration from them, that through these words they are lifted and renewed.  We invite others to add their own invocations in the comments, both to those deities below and the many others.


Hail Odin!

Lord of Inspiration!

I feel your shining light,

It warms me and guides me.

May your light show us the way,

And may my Family and Folk know your wisdom.

Hail Odin,

Guide me and guard me!


Hail Heimdal!

Bright and shining one!

May I live with honour,

And do my best for Faith, Folk and Family.

Help me to see through bad times,

And keep the fire burning in my heart.

Hail Heimdal,

Stand beside me on this day!


Hail Baldur!

Lord of the Sun!

The beauty of the dawn,

The joy in our hearts,

The truth in our words,

And the love in our deeds.

Hail Baldur,

You are the Sun on my heart!


Hail Frey!

Lord of the Forest!

You bring life to our lands and Folk,

The birds in the sky,

And the stag in the forest.

May I stand by my family and friends,

And be true to all who love me.

Hail Frey,

Lord of Life!


Hail Thor!

Joyful Protector!

Stand with me today,

And give me the courage to face my enemies,

And the strength to do right and fear no one.

Hail Thor,

Watch over my Family and Folk!


Odin by Alexander Murray (1874)
Heimdal by Johan Thomas Lundbye (1907)
Baldur by E. Boyd Smith (1902)
Freyr by Johannes Gerhts (1901)
Thor by Johannes Gerhts (1901)

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