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Donar’s Hearth OR Yule Booklets

Every year Donar's Hearth OR and the Odinic Rite Vinland host a Yule Celebration. The following booklets contain Yule Carols, Crafts, and stories to use through out the Yule Season. We use them every year at our gathering, an everyone - young and old alike - enjoy them. We hope you do too!

Scandinavian Stars

Do you need a star for your tree? Or just need some lovely straw stars for your tree? Keeping with the traditional straw crafts of Scandinavia, the star below is simple enough for kids, yet complex in their lovely design.

Danish Yule Heart (Julhjarta)

The Danish Yule Heart (Julhjarta) is a beautiful symbol of Freya and Frigga. The loving caresses of our Goddesses warm our hearts and souls through the cold dark season.

Yule (French Canada): Playing the Spoons!

French Canadians are well known for their joie de vivre, this includes playing and dancing to fine jigs and reels during the Yuletide season. And what better way to add to the merriment, than to play the traditional French Canadian percussion instrument: the spoons!

Yule (Canada): Sucre à la Crème (Fudge)

Although Yule here is celebrated pretty much as in all other countries belonging to our Northern Indo-European folk organism, the cultural differences between the French and English settlers in the celebration of this great holiday period have continued to this day.