The Importance of Preserving Heritage, Tradition and Race.

By Sam Coles AOR
First published in ORB 210, Autumn 2258

Without a specific heritage to claim as their birthright, people are rootless and consequently drift through life without knowing or understanding where they came from, who they really are, or where they’re truly going.  It has also been said that without the solid foundation of heritage, it is not possible to build anything that will last and stay the course, and that includes a folk community.  Although this applies to every racial group, in this short article I will be focusing primarily on the situation of the Indo-European Folk.

So what is heritage?  Well for me personally, (and please remember I speak here as an Englishman and but one member of our Folk) heritage to me consists of several factors.  Primarily of course, this is our Ancestral Tradition, Odinism, as in the words of Heimgest DCG, “There is nothing that more clearly defines a Folk’s Identity than its natural religion. The organic religion of any folk will define their Identity and encapsulate the potential of that Folk group more than anything else. This is because it is the sum of that folk, the shared experience and the wisdom of that folk.”  In addition to this fundamental acknowledgement, other aspects of my heritage as an Englishman include such things as: Morris Dancing, Real Ale, The Public House, Folk Music, small farming/countryside communities, Farmer’s markets, village fayres, countryside picnics, companionship with dogs, walks in the woods, and so the list goes on.  This what comes to my mind when I think of heritage, and it is what I strive for and would fight for.

However, the bulk of our people, the I.E. race, have been severed from their true and natural ancestral faith.  Some of our people, having seen through and even felt the dire effects of the fallacy of Judeo-Christianity, turn to the religions of the Far East, seeking to find spirituality and meaning within these belief systems.  However, the majority turn to material goods and relatively little else has consequence in their lives: their relationship with, and their concern of the well-being of Nature and the Earth, and the preservation of their race and racial tradition being perhaps the two most neglected facets.  “Why bother with something you can’t impress your mates or girlfriend with?  Why waste time on out-dated traditions?  Times change, we don’t need that old stuff any more, we like our ‘modern things now.”

That is the mindset of millions of adults and young people of our folk across the world, and it doesn’t look set to change.  Why do so many hold such an apathetic view on their birthright?  And why do some even go so far as hostility – a hostile view on their own heritage – belittling and condemning it as irrelevant?  People of this latter group will often take to overtly slandering/attacking those of our folk who valiantly struggle to uphold their heritage and traditions, whilst at the same time supplanting these good folk with racial aliens, whom are then encouraged to revive and celebrate their own foreign traditions on our soil.  It is the epitome of absurdity and hypocrisy.

If people do not care about their heritage and the traditions that are rightfully theirs, either by mocking and scorning these things, or by physically destroying them via miscegenation and deliberate misinformation, not only have they betrayed their ancient ancestors, they have severed themselves and possibly their children from their birthright.  The frank discussion of the dangers of miscegenation here is imperative: any offspring from such an unnatural union will be spiritually moribund and culturally confused, and without a specific heritage to lay claim to, they will instead turn to material goods and superficial ‘urban culture’ to fill the void.  One might ask why cannot such a person just choose the heritage and traditions of the Folk of either the mother or father?  Well, the Folk Spirit and experience (i.e. native religion) of an Englishman is very different to that of a Black African, as is that of an East Asian to a Native American.  The two races are just not compatible, due to the undeniable fact that they have evolved as independent peoples for millennia, producing unique cultures, each beautiful in their own way.  To blend these distinct differences is to propagate cultural genocide, as neither culture will remain intact in the offspring produced.  Instead of being a member of his/her Folk group, his/her racial community, this person becomes merely a human economic unit of the marketplace of the world, a conforming droid in a global herd, a consumer of material products and manufactured ideas.  Of course it goes without saying that the above statements also apply to the seemingly vast majority of our own people today, and thus we should remember that membership of the Folk should be defined not only by blood, but also by action and will.  To be of the Folk is not only by birth, but is defined by fighting for and keep the spiritual atmosphere and cultural traditions of our people alive, despite the struggle this undoubtedly brings.  To have both blood and will is a responsibility to take seriously and a privilege to be proud of!  And in all of this we remain aware that the process of ‘de-culturisation’ pleases very much the leaders of ‘democracy’, simply because it is far easier to keep a populous subdued and blissfully ignorant when they are mostly composed of rootless and predictable robots.  Therefore, when we acknowledge the importance of preserving race, we must therefore refuse and reject utterly miscegenation as toxic to the Folk – we will never be reduced to the lowest common denominator, to a standardised mass, a grey people!

When we see and are made to understand the grievous damage done to the Earth by the modern world, it would be easy to forgive the sentiment that the Earth would be better off without mankind, that we are all a blemish and a cancer to Her.  However, we would be overlooking those good folk who seek to protect Nature and live in harmony with the Earth as guardians, and those who are embracing and reviving their native culture and tradition.  Those of our folk who walk this path know that the children they bring into this world and rear will be a force only for good.  We will teach our youth to love and respect the Natural World that is their home, Mother Earth.  We will educate and share with them what is theirs by right – the beliefs and traditions that were common to the ancestors of all the Germanic peoples for millennia before the darkness came that arose in the East.  The great and bottomless wisdom that is slowly being re-forged by our Folk Will shall be imparted to them.  We will awaken in them the fires of old, to burn long and hot, and our children will share the love and respect for Nature and their Folk they have learned with those that are fortunate enough to know them.  Our children will have had the ultimate education, from us, their parents, and in their time become the guardians of the Earth and their own blood, defending it and helping to preserve what has been left to them.  Then they too will see to it that all they have been taught shall be passed on to their own children, and their children’s children, keeping this fire burning until the end of days.  And so it will be, even if only a handful of us stay true to our Faith, Folk and Family.

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  1. Kevin Mc says:

    Hey thank you for this, I have been reading and looking into a way to preserve my heritage. I like what you have stated here. I recently had a daughter that I plan to raise as a respectful young lady who respects not only herself but her planet and others. Too many outer sources of belief have infiltrated my country of America and when I talk about stuff like this I’m considered a racist or a bigot. It goes to show the social ignorance of most people. Again thank you.

  2. Steven says:

    People confuse traditions, mere inventions of long ago social trend setters with universal values. Traditions however widespread and enduring can be arbitrary or even oppressive such as systematic inequality of treatment by race or gender. But universal values are fundamental truths that are recognized everywhere. Even in Nazi Germany it was a crime to murder even Jews outside official channels. Nazi officials often tolerated or even encouraged such murders but not always.

    It’s not lack of traditions that make people rootless. It’s placing arbitrary social trends above fundamental ethics, honesty, and decency.

  3. Dave Andre says:

    Great article. As a folk, we need to reignite our people’s cultural awareness. As a united people we can be strong now and in the future. It’s our traditions that unite us and keep us separate as a people.

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