By Kris N AOR
ORBriefing 221 – Spring 2261

Fehu is wealth in family
Uruz, primal energy
And Thrizaz is the strength within thee
Ansuz breathes Odin’s words
With Raidho we travel down to Urd’s
Kenaz makes the fire bright
Gebo keeps a friendship tight
While Wunjo has the spirit light.

Hagalaz is beyond our control
Nauthiz resides within the soul
Isa may harden and drive a goal
While Jera is a wheel that turns
And Eihwaz is a yew that burns
Perthro is of Norns and chance
And Algiz our receptive stance
With Sowilo bringing victory dance

Into battle with Tiwaz at side
Berkano empowers son and bride
For Ehwaz is the rune we ride
Mannaz rune is one with man
While Laguz flows dividing land
Ingwaz truly is the seed
Dagaz provides growth we need
In the end Othala we bleed