By Michael Boyd AOR
First published in ORB 212, Summer 2259

Within a sound morality and in recognition of the lifestruggle is the virtue of resistance: resistance to degeneracy, to vice, to atheism, to monotheism, to universalism, unsoundness, stagnancy, ad infinitum.

Symbolized in runology with the rune nauthiz, representing necessity or the need, the implication of this runic energy stream is of resisting an opposing force in order to satisfy physical or metaphysical needs. This energy as cyclic, revolutionary energy resists devolution and gravitational effects on the higher consciousness. As the awareness of the Vitki grows, so does that of his Folk Group – as Heimgest says in Interview with a Gothi, “A noble people will evolve a noble faith.”

Within the scientific realm of physics lies the natural law of the path to least resistance; simply put, an organism will find the most efficient method in order to satisfy its physiological or economic needs. For example, a man will fish in a heavily populated lake, rather than in one rumoured to be sparsely populated. However, in the psyche-spiritual realm, beyond the physical, man differs from the animal kingdom through the higher faculties of rational and abstract thought. The European psyche (and Odinic-Thorric forces that pulsates within it) searches through the darkness inductively on the path to greater resistance. The Thorric element of mental and emotive might follows this path to greater resistance, illustrated in our mythology by Thor’s travels to Jotunheim to struggle against giants. The mightier the giants he encounters, the greater Thor’s battle-lust grows.

Christian and secular society avoids the lifestruggle, instead taking a pacifist and leisure position in life. We have lost our fighting-spirit, at least temporarily, and sheepishly follow the path of least resistance, avoiding any act of assertion. Modern Odinists with limited devotion are guilty as well. Our faith is full of intellectuals and individualists that proclaim “we are our deeds”, yet accept and tolerate vice and anti-Folkish disposition. Yes, I strive towards idealism and seek to strike a sound balance amongst the real and the ideal: mind-spirit and body health, warrior and poet, political-soldier and ‘philosopher-king’.

Resistance demands work, effort and persistence in ethics. Better resistance often means higher rewards. Resist laziness to exercise and your health will improve, resist laziness to study and read and your knowledge will grow. Odinism is a faith of resistance and revolution.

As the sapling resists the weeds and soil in its way towards growth and Sunna’s energies, it becomes a mighty oak. Modern Odinism likewise is a sapling facing many obstacles in its upward struggle. Do you resist? Do you hinder the struggle? As a part of our Movement, are you a ‘mover’?

Hail the Gods
Hail the Folk